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Hi, I’m Maneet

Qualified in Business Management and Marketing, certified in Social Media Marketing, experienced Social Media Strategist, and an Account Manager!

A career in the field of digital marketing was always my goal. My passion for creativity and love for social media drove me to this path. I started my career at a digital marketing agency where I learned a lot about creative strategies and successful digital campaigns that actually drive traffic with great results. I worked with brands in various sectors like education, hospitality, real estate, construction, entertainment, and many more!

Now I am full-time on my own social media marketing business and simultaneously learning about new strategies and techniques that generate results for my clients.

I have seen businesses stress over social media marketing because they either run short of time or creativity and here’s where I come into the picture.

I have generated great results for my clients and work closely with them as a team. Their wonderful feedback towards my genuine strategies and assured results have always motivated me.

So if you are overwhelmed about getting started with a social media strategy, do not worry. I am here to make your social media journey easy and great!


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