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People Experience and HR support

I co-founded BloomHQ with my wonderful business partner Tamara Buckland. We are 2 passionate People Experience consultants who envision a world where you get to be you at work, where leaders are on your side, and where your work enables your life to flourish. We’re here to help you and your team create that world!

We offer two services we would like to make available to the HIRE Her community:

  • Chief People Officer: Do you feel like you need some support in the people space but aren’t ready to hire a full-time person? We can help you level up the people experience expertise in your organisation with part-time, ongoing support, customised to your needs. Our experienced team offer tailored support for the growth and stage of your company.
  • People Strategy & Projects: Have you got lots of ideas to improve your people experience but not sure where to start? We can support you to design, create and implement a bunch of strategic plans and projects around leadership development, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing strategies, recruitment and onboarding processes and more! Anything related to people, we can do it!

Check out our website for more info: BloomHQ


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