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Advertising, marketing, for an online services based business

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Job detail

Applications for this job are closed, a review is currently is happening and if there isn’t sufficient candidates the job will be available to apply for

Hey Ladies

I have a new online platform that i have created for online well being and fitness especially for busy mums and women.

Currently i have a website, memberships, pay as you go and casual bookings all set up for live classes and On Demand. I am really hoping to get this out there more prominently in front of my target audience to drive more traffic to my business. i need to up my membership intake and get more eyes on what i offer to convert.

Not having a background in online or tech related things i will be guided by you in a sense. I am looking for someone who can ultimately set some things in motion for me, and possibly teach me so i know how to manage it ongoing. i am assuming FB ads or socials advertising marketing etc. or drawing leads to my website via automation, or funnels i’m not 100% sure- haha hence the PLEASE HELP ME!

i have thought about social media ads or maybe an email opt in campaign to give people a taster…?? to get them to sign up ultimately.

I am a single mum on a small budget after losing my jobs because of lock down, however this been a big dream of mine and silver linings am getting it going and off the ground so i am happy to get it working to make it work! that way i can express my passion for helping to support other women physically, mentally and emotionally.

So if the price and what is involved needs to be amended i am more than happy to discuss to work with what works for us both and ultimately make it happen : )

thanks so much, looking forward to connecting with you ladies

court xx


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