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Data Analyst

  • Job typeJob type: Partial Onsite
  • Job Duration4-Within 30 days
  • Job Level3-Expert
  • Job deadlineExpired
  • Auckland

Job detail


This position will enhance the capability and capacity within the Northern region to utilise workforce information/data to drive regional workforce planning, challenge ‘current state’ that does not add value monitor progress towards set goals and inform change towards normalising equitable health outcomes, particularly for our Māori and Pasifika populations.

In particular:

1. Deliver on regional workforce planning and development initiatives as identified within the northern region LTHP and the Regional Director Workforce Development

2. Develop regional workforce and training analytics to support solutions to address deficits and hard to recruit to populations/services.

3. Coordinate and report regional workforce development analytical activities.

4. Support DHBs and sector wide regional workforce planning and provide leadership across regional collaborative activities.

5. Support local DHBs to work collaboratively by facilitating processes for workforce data issues that require a regionally co-ordinated approach.

6. Work with DHBs, other shared support agencies and the Ministry of Health on national initiatives and frameworks.

7. Develop capability to assist the DHBs in the collection, collation, analysis and communication of information required for regional workforce funding and planning activities.

Core responsibilities
* Cultural Fluency – te reo Māori cultural awareness and committing to the principals of the Treaty of Waitangi.

* Provide advice and analysis on workforce issues in key areas of Maori health gain and strategic priority to the Northern region.

* Quality Management – Utilise benchmarking opportunities to identify areas for improvement in the sector and more.

* Effective teamwork and collaborative working – Liaise with key personnel in the NRA, DHBs, MOH and Shared Services agencies and others across the sector to enhance utilisation of available information plus more.

* Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship management – Ensure relationships with stakeholders are constructive, effective and enduring with high trust levels plus other tasks.

* Professional Development – Assume responsibility for personal and professional/ work education and development.

* Healthy & Safety – Ensure NRA health and safety policied are understood and applied.

* Ensuring that personal specialist knowledge is kept up to date to enable continuation of an effective contribution to the work of the NRA

* Building capability – (Depending on seniority) Contribute to short courses in relevant aspects of workforce analysis and the peer review of relevant work.

* Other – Perform such other duties as reasonably required in accordance with conditions of the position.

Technical and behavioural competencies specific for this role:

  • Strategic agility –  Sees ahead clearly, can anticipate future consequences and trends accurately, has broad knowledge and perspective; is future oriented; can articulately paint credit pictures and visions of possibilities and likelihoods; can create competitive and breakthrough strategies and plans
  • Dealing with Ambiguity – Can effectively cope with change. Can shift gears comfortably. Can decide when to act without having the total picture. Is not upset when things are up in the air. Can comfortably handle risk and uncertainty
  • Intellectual horsepower – Is bright and intelligent; deals with concepts and complexity comfortably; described as intellectually sharp, capable and agile.
  • Peer relationships – Can quickly find common ground and looks for win/win situations. Can represent their own interests and yet be fair to other groups/individuals. Can solve problems with peers with a minimum of noise. Is seen as a team player and is cooperative. Easily gains the trust and support of peers. Encourages collaboration
  • Organisational agility – Is knowledgeable about how organisations work. Understands the origin the reasoning behind key policies, practices and procedures. Understands the culture of an organisation
  • Interpersonal savvy – Relates well to all kinds of people – up, down and sideways, inside and outside the organisation; builds appropriate rapport; builds constructive and effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact; can defuse even high tension situations comfortably
  • Information seeking – Actively researches an issue, identifying key elements from the large volume of information collected. Goes beyond the apparent issues highlighted. “Have I thought of all perspectives?”
  • Analysis – Systematically analyses multi-dimensional problems, process or information. Uses several analytical techniques to identify several solutions, or alternative approaches and weighs up the value of equivalent options.
  • Judgment – Makes sound decisions under pressure which may arise from the lack of clarity in the situation. For example, understands when not to pursue an issue and when to confront it. Capable of making decisions rapidly when appropriate. Is able to make independent comments or decisions in the face of opposition. Is prepared to take a personal risk providing the decision has a reasonable chance of success. Conveys confidence in own judgment.
  • Achieving high quality results – Suggests or makes changes in work methods to improve performance. If setting goals for self or others, sets challenging but not impossible goals. Seeks to suggest or make changes to improve quality. Reviews and monitors others work and look to benchmark themselves against other approaches.

The following experience is required for the effective execution of this role, and should be considered in selection or performance appraisal for this job

· Is culturally connected to the challenge and opportunity of Māori health equity
· A tertiary qualification
· Preferable post graduate study within health or population statistics and/or demography
· Minimum 5 years’ experience in business and financial analysis/modelling
· Minimum 2 years’ experience in analysis within the health sector
· Experienced practitioner in:
o Data management
o Explanatory analyses & variance Investigation
o Exploratory analysis, forecasting & model building
o Statistical skills
o Report design & implementation
o MS office products especially Excel and Access
o SQL Server and analysis tool
o Other programming language/ tools e.g. mapping, automation
· Intermediate level skills in Microsoft software products
· Excellent analytical skills and a sound knowledge of statistical techniques.
· Advanced skills and knowledge in the use of data analysis tools for example Excel and Access and experience in analysing and presenting analysis and data to suit a variety of audiences (technical and non-technical)
· Ability to understand and use more advanced statistical software tools such as SQL and BI tools (Qlik).
· Demonstrated ability to work with, understand and interpret ambiguous information
· Ability to work strategically and apply critical thinking and sound judgement to the development of options and provision of advice.
· Proficient in VBA (medium level)
· Excellent communication and relationship management skills
· Customer focussed
· Innovative
· Problem solver
· Flexible
· Self-directing
· Excellent time management
· Attention to Detail


* Full time job – 40hrs
* 2-3 days in the office so there is flexibility
* A handover period will be provided
* This a contract role only with no further opportunities after the 12 week ends, however we are going through a transition which may bring along opportunities

More information in the file provided.

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