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Lead Software Engineer – Technology

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Job detail

We are looking for a Lead Software Engineer to join our Core Application Team (CAT). As a Lead Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the technical and strategic direction of our Platform-as-a-Product initiative. As the technical leader of the team, you will collaborate closely with the Technical Product Owners and Principal Software Engineers to execute crucial platform initiatives and drive forward the organisation’s objectives. We are looking for someone with strong leadership skills who has the ability to coach other developers through training, mentoring and providing advice.

You’ll have the best time working at Trade Me, and this is why:
With dedicated 10% Learning and Development time we help to ensure you are growing with us from Day 1.
Flexibility means different things to different people and we support you to find what works, including a home office setup and utilities allowance.
Being your best self means caring for your physical and mental wellbeing, we offer lots of resources to help you along the way.
Nothing beats getting together to have some fun and celebrate our success. Join us in the office on payday for company-paid lunches. Regular Friday drinks and nibbles, annual Trade Me company awards, celebrations and more.

Here’s a bit about what you can expect from this role:
* Lead the advocacy and implementation of engineering best practices across the platform team. This includes coding standards, design principles, testing methodologies, and development workflows.
* Work with relevant Principal Software Engineers to articulate complex technical and architectural designs, and to develop and implement a technical roadmap for your platform.
* Collaborate closely with product development teams to effectively communicate the technical innovations developed by the platform team.
* Work with Technical Product Owners during discovery phases to help with feasibility, capacity, and risk management of the Technology roadmap.
* Contribute to Trade Me’s light-weight governance process by drafting and implementing Guardrails, Guidelines, ADRs, and Tech Radar.
* Liaise with Development Managers to support and mentor engineers in their career progression journey, offer objective feedback for their skill level assessment.
* Embed within software delivery teams to articulate, plan, develop, test, and release complex solutions.
* Actively advocate and drive Technical Debt management within your immediate squad and organisation and work with the Technical Product Owner to prioritise the remediation plan.
* Implement, maintain, and drive the remediation plans of your platforms’ Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

What you will bring to our team:
* Deep understanding of software development principles, architecture, design patterns, and modern technologies.
* Embrace the mindset of treating the ‘Platform as a Product’.
* Strong architectural knowledge for designing scalable, reliable, and maintainable systems.
* Strong software development skills in languages similar / transferable to those used at Trade Me (primarily C# / TypeScript).
* Hands on experience with containerisation, micro-services, infrastructure-as-code, CI/CD.
* Able to guide, inspire, and mentor their team by setting clear expectations, providing constructive feedback, and promoting a culture of continuous learning and growth.
* Good level of understanding of Cloud Native application development.
* Experience with distributed systems architecture and best practices.

We know some candidates can be reluctant to apply for roles if they feel they don’t ‘tick all the boxes’. If you’re excited about this opportunity and are hungry to learn and grow, we’d still really like to hear from you.

Trade Me is an INZ-accredited employer. We truly value diversity and embrace a flexible workplace where people are encouraged to achieve their potential.

To apply please send CV and coverletter to

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