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On Going Web Designer Needed – Project Work

  • Job DurationWithin 365 days

Job detail

I am looking for several web designers who have experience working in Shopify, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace and Kajabi.  

You do not need to be competent in more than one platform as long as you know that one platform really well. Bonus if you work across multiple. 

Flow Cre8tive supports small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs in getting their digital presence set up (Websites, Social Profiles, Google Business Profiles) while also supporting them both from a technical guidance and branding perspective. 90% of my clients are individuals that don’t know where to even begin so a large part of what I offer them is support, guidance and structure to help them create their plan to get themselves up and running as a business. My website is to see some of my work. All of my recent projects are not on there but it will give you an idea on the type of clients I work with and the level of design required. 

I am looking for individuals that:

  • are experienced in web design and have a proactive mindset with a problem solving attitude.
  • have a keen eye for detail and a sound understanding of the principles of good design and how it impacts the usability and speed of a site. Fundamentals such as: Navigation, Spacing, Alignment, Font Types, Image Sizing and Formats, Consistency, Colour Palettes, etc.

I am not looking to take a novice on as I am short on time so experience is needed. This role is not a web developer role, but they will need to be very competent and skilled in what is required to create a well designed and optimised website. I don’t tend to use templates (other than for WordPress) as all my sites are bespoke designs. 

Key skills I am looking for:

  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem solving & proactive ability and mindset
  • Basic SEO knowledge (Fundamentals of how a site should be set up to perform well with the current content)
  • Bonus: Experience of using programmes such as PhotoShop and InDesign
  • Bonus: UX design experience 
  • BONUS if you have VA experience / capacity and can assist in small day to day tasks.

If I can ask within the proposal you include:

  • Your availability per week
  • Your day and hourly rate
  • Examples of your work and what platforms you are proficient in
  • Whether you have the capacity to take on smaller tasks like: making small amends to websites, setting some some basic social stories with supplied content from me, helping me create a design look book for all my fonts and graphics I have within my library, help me with my pipeline management and create a daily list for me to call the new leads,

 Thank you for taking the time. I look forward to hearing from you. 


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