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The HIRE HER Story

Activating the power of the female economy

Hi, I’m Priscilla and I’m on a mission to create the most impactful digital talent and jobs platform for women. 

HIRE HER was launched on 21 May 2021 with the goal of building the largest jobs and talent platform for women globally. I learnt from a recent study that in 2020 90% of women who had lost jobs did not return to back to work (mastercard index of women entrepreneurs 2021). This is absolutely shocking considering women's equal participation in the workforce could add as much as US$28 trillion, or 26 per cent, to global annual GDP by 2025 (McKinsey Global Institute [MGI], 2016). 

It's been my mission to change the above stats and activate the power of the female economy. What I've realised in this journey are women are on the search for flexibility and freedom, many have turned to freelancing, contracting, running their own businesses in the past 2 years. According to the master card index of women entrepreneurs 14 economies saw increased
women’s entrepreneurial activity during the pandemic The global economic recovery depends on investing in women entrepreneurs. HIRE HER is playing it's part by encouraging businesses, entrepreneurs, founders, to post jobs for free and hire these incredible women. 

If you are business looking to hire we highly recommend considering using HIRE HER as a platform. 

In 12 months whilst raising my 1 and 3 year old, I launched HIRE HER to the Australia and NZ market. We have achieved organically over 1500 women and businesses registered, over 160 jobs mainly freelance and contract work and over $200,000 delivered into the pockets of HIRE HER women. 

The platform is an MVP the goal is to create a global product that can serve all women. 

Hire Her in the news:

Refer to the featured section of my Linkedin to see all the media outlets of where HIRE HER has been featured on. 

Women are increasingly working for themselves - but is that because they want to, or they have to?

Feel free to follow us on Instagram @gohireher for more updates. Directly contact me on contact@gohireher.com if you have any suggestions or want to say hello.






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Bare Necessities provides pregnancy and postpartum donations to low income families. Our items are centred around mothers’ needs in particular, as it is more often than not that their needs are overlooked. Our mission is to ensure that every expectant and new mother in New Zealand has equal access to pregnancy and postpartum necessities for herself. Our long term goal is to provide regular donations to all maternity wards across the country.
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