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How HIRE HER Works

The HIRE HER platform has been created to facilitate the empowering exchange of great female Talent working with businesses. Business owners  entrepreneurs, career women, collaborating with the best local female Talent for any short-term job or project, ultimately, resulting in the growth and success of each woman or business using the platform.

Built to be effortless, secure and efficient for the remarkable, time-scarce entrepreneur and the talented freelancer. Find the relevant section below to extract the best out of the platform. Whether you’re looking to hire or to be hired we’ve added all the details you need to get the most out of HIRE HER

Head to our Instagram page @gohireher where you can learn more, get featured and stay in the know. 


Hire with HIRE HER

Got a short term job or project that needs to get done within a certain budget and time frame? Get it done with HIRE HER, create your free account and post a job. There are two ways to receive proposals / quotes for a job. Talent will submit a proposal through the job you have posted or you can invite them to apply directly to the job. We suggest using search filters to hand pick a few Talent types (agencies, freelancers, freelance mums or virtual assistants) based on hourly rates, skills, previous projects and ratings.

You can review proposals through the HIRE HER dashboard and manage the end-to-end job process from hiring to working together, hiring and releasing funds when your happy with the job. 

Getting to know the Talent before hiring is important. Conduct your interview via chat or through voice or video conference available on the platform.

When you’re ready setting up  job milestones allows both parties to have equal control over the job. Break the job into deliverables, set a budget and dates. When you and the Talent have agreed on the milestones the job will commence. When the milestone has been completed and you have approved it payment is milestone is made.

The safest way to get the job done is hiring through HIRE HER, our platform has been built to facilitate an effortless and secure exchange. The success of your project or job for your business is our success!

  • How To Post Your First Job

    Create your free account and post your first job. It’s all in the details so ensure you pack the job description and requirements with as much detail. In this case more is more. Add in your budget especially the minimum and maximum you’re willing to pay. Set a start date, it’s ok if you don’t have an end date in mind. Depending on the complexity of your job the end date will vary. Click save and your job will automatically post on our job marketplace. 

  • How To Find Talent

    Post your job and head to our Talent section to filter through and find the best local female Talent. Filter based on category, expertise, location, hourly rates and type of Talent.  Choose from independent freelancers, agencies or work with a freelance mum if you are a mumpreneur. Send an invite to the Talent you have shortlisted by selecting the button invite to job. Proposals sent for the job can be seen and managed under proposals on the manage jobs tab. A notification will be sent whenever you receive a proposal for the job. Getting to know the Talent is important, you can use live chat, voice or video calling to interview and dive deep into understanding whether the Talent is the right person for the job. 

  • How To Hire

    Found the perfect female Talent to collaborate with? Great! All jobs on HIRE HER require milestones to be set. Milestones for jobs allow both parties to have equal power. Set a deliverable, date and budget next to each milestone. The safest part is both parties need to agree on the milestone before the Talent is officially is hired.  Select the button hire and set milestones to kick start the hiring process. Send milestones to Talent, it’s perfectly fine to negotiate deliverables and budgets for each milestone to ensure both parties are satisfied. Use live chat, video or voice call if you need to jump on have a chat.  Acceptance of the milestones from the Talent means you are good to start the job, you will be notified when they accept the milestones and the job commences. 

  • How To Pay

    Ok it’s time to pay. Pay through our payment portal. Pay by credit card which goes directly to an escrow account and is released to the Talent when you select the release funds button that is next to the milestone under manage jobs in progress. Funds are then paid to the Talent in their HIRE HER digital wallet.  Please not there is a small fee of 2.9% charged for every payment made on the platform, this fee goes directly to our payment provider. HIRE HER does not benefit from this fee. All payments are made in New Zealand Dollar (NZD), we are working hard to bring Australian Dollar and will be offering it in the next 6 months.  and paid to the Talent.

  • How To Complete A Job

    Job done? Great, head back to jobs in progress and click on the job switch the status from hired to completed. This will allow you to leave a rating and review for the freelancer. It is important to be fair when leaving a review and ensuring that you do it with respect and kindness.  

  • Services – Ready to Buy Services

    Need a logo done or copywriting in a day or two. Ready to buy services are the way to go. These short sharp services require an upfront payment. The payment goes into an escrow account, the funds are not released to the Talent until the job has been completed and you are happy with the final result. To complete the job jump into services in progress and change the status to complete, be sure to leave a rating and review for the Talent.

  • Any Fees or Charges to Look Out For

    From day one our ultimate goal is to be free for hirers, entrepreneurs, business owners, basically anyone that uses the platform to hire. All our features are 100% free and it costs absolutely nothing to create an account and use the platform to hire and manage jobs. There is a small payment processing fee of 2.9% that is charged for every payment, this goes directly to our payment processor and we do not benefit from it. 


Get Hired with HIRE HIRE

You know the great value you bring to clients, the skills and expertise you have to deliver the best work. It’s time you show them what they’re missing out on.  HIRE HER has been built to help you get more clients and grow your business. Most importantly we are a platform for women to support, empower and grow together.

Join for free immediately, create an epic profile that can pack a punch and showcase your greatest work. It’s all in the details, use every section of the profile to highlight your skills and what sets you apart.

Use the search jobs section and filters to find jobs relevant to your expertise, job category and location. Found a job? Great. Send a proposal by selecting the send proposal button under the job detail section. You might need to chat with potential clients, make sure you use the chat function which has live chat, voice and video calling.

Use the platform to sell services or apply for jobs, get hired and manage the end-to-end job process through the HIRE HER dashboard. Communicate, share files and collaborate to get the job or service completed. Finally, we’re in this to make an impact so $1 from every collaboration will go towards our local non-profits which support women or mums.  

HIRE HER is committed to supporting your business, growth and ensuring we’re a community where women support and empower one another.

  • How To Set Up Your Profile

    HIRE HER profiles pack a punch, to extract the maximum value out of your profile and get it to work for you details, facts and data are key. Head to my profile which is in your dashboard this is broken into sections to focus on writing your story and painting the right picture for clients. The profile covers personal details and skills, experience and education, past projects, awards and certifications, profile videos, category and social profile links. Create portfolios under manage portfolios. Check out the masterpiece you have created under view my profile. Done ladies? Let’s get to work. Remember to encourage any client you work with on HIRE HER to leave you a rating and review because nothing is more powerful than word of mouth. 

  • How To Post A Service

    Services on HIRE HER operate similar to fiverr. Offering to deliver clients a service which can be delivered by a certain time and budget. In the dashboard section select the post a service button, this will drive you to the form where you will create the ideal service. It’s important you know what you're offering. Add in all the details to explain what the service covers, there is a separate add on services features which allows clients to upgrade their services package. For every successful service purchased we charge 5% (excl gst) which helps us to run the platform for you and ensure it is continuously updated and upgraded. For the service clients will pay you up front, the funds go into an escrow account, when the job is completed the funds are released into your digital wallet.

  • How To Search & Apply For Jobs

    Profile set up, you’re all good to go and start searching for clients. Search in the jobs section using advanced filters i.e. category and expertise for the job, location, years of experience etc. Prior to applying for the job if you need to speak with the potential client before submitting the proposal, we recommend contacting them through live chat. Use the send a proposal button this allows you to send a proposal for the jo and calculate the total amount you will receive after the 5% (excl GST) service fee deduction. As we are a NZ business, we will have to deducted GST if you are based in NZ. If you are in NZ we will need to charge GST on the 5% service fee, to calculate this total amount use 5.75% as this will be the full amount you will receive in your bank account once the service fee and GST has been deducted. 

  • How To Get Hired

    Here’s the things you can do to set yourself for success. It may not guarantee a hire but will allow you to put your right foot forward. It’s in the proposal and your profile. Pack that profile up, show the potential client what they’re missing out on and why they need to hire you for the job. In your proposal be clear on what you can deliver, time, budget and quality of work. Be clear on what your worth is, it’s ok to say no for a job if it’s not the right fit or the client is not able to see the value you will be delivering. Your output is everything and those reviews and ratings will be too. Goodluck for the job ladies!

  • How Getting Paid Works

    For jobs you are paid when the milestone or deliverable is completed. The client makes a payment through the HIRE HER payment portal, the funds you see in the invoice are calculated on the 5% service fee (excl GST). Our job is to be transparent so if you're based in NZ use the 5.75% fee amount as this includes GST. As we are a NZ business we need to charge this to operate a service in NZ. Let’s break it down for you if you get paid $100 NZD and you are in Australia we will deduct a 5% service fee so in your pocket you get $95 and if you are in NZ 5.75% a 5% service fee including GST is deducted so you get $94.25. The same calculations apply for selling services. 

  • How Withdrawals Work

    Once the payment is received by the client it goes into your digital wallet. The funds sit in there until a request is made to withdraw. We will work hard to get your earnings to you ASAP but please allow worst case 7 working days to receive funds in your account. For launch our currency will be in NZD, we are looking to bring in AUD in the next 6 months. If you are based in Australia your NZD earnings will be converted to AUD, a small bank fee will be calculated and deducted from the amount you are withdrawing. Here’s an example of what we mean $100 NZD at an exchange rate 0.926 with a $1.09 fee from the bank will mean you get $91.67 AUD in your bank account. The fee does vary depending on the amount you withdraw so we recommend to avoid unnecessary bank charges withdraw a larger one-off amount instead of frequent smaller amounts.

  • Services Vs Jobs

    You can have the best of both worlds by offering services and applying for jobs. With services you are offering the service based on a dedicated delivery time, budget and scope and with jobs it is based on the client’s job scope, deliverable date and budget. The services are listed under the services marketplace and under your profile.

  • Any Fees or Charges to Look Out For

    We have built this platform to empower, support and encourage women to grow their businesses and work with one another. Our job is to be transparent as possible. The service fee is the only method we are using to generate revenue for our platform any other fees you see is paid directly to the service provider. Here are the main charges you will see 5% service fee (excl GST) for any successful job you get and service you sell. GST is deducted from NZ clients so use the 5.75% amount to calculate the service fee and GST amount which gives you the full picture of what you will pocket. For our Australian freelancers there is a bank fee for withdrawing your NZD earnings into your Australian account and the conversion amount on the day is used.