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3 Amazing Reasons Why Businesses Are Choosing to Hire Freelancers Today

Today’s workforce looks nothing like it did years ago. The days of the traditional to 9 to 5 work hours are gone. Instead, modern professionals prefer flexible working hours that preferably allow them to work on their terms based on their lifestyles. 

This demand for flexibility has given rise to the freelance marketplace and the gig ec...

Succeed as a Freelancer: 3 Secrets to Stand Out Today

The freelance market is incredibly competitive and, with remote work as popular as ever, it’s only bound to increase. Today, 38 percent of independent workers identify themselves as freelancers, and 61 percent of freelancers say they engage in this work by choice.

Signing up on a freelancing marketplace is the first step; after that, you...

Want to Make Your First $1000 On HIRE HER? Here are 3 Tips You Should Follow Today!

Freelancing is a skill-based business. It doesn’t require a specific degree or qualification. In fact, anyone can be a freelancer as long as you have the talent and finesse to match your value to your price. Now, even if you possess the skills, you may still struggle to earn good money. 

But, don’t worry, ladies, we’ve got you cover...

4 Ways HIRE HER Can Help Your Business Today

Considering that we’re diving deep into the digital age, the global labor force is changing rapidly. In fact, it’s no wonder that about 35% to 40% of the workers are freelancers, and according to several estimates, a percentage of 80 might be on the horizon by the year 2030.

Now, as the employment rate in online marketing has increased...