Welcome to the first employment marketplace for Women and Mums HIRE HER is a digital talent and jobs marketplace and community that connects skilled women and mums with employers in Australia and NZ

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Hire professional women for all jobs. Our platform caters to women looking for permanent work through to freelancers looking for their next client or project. Over thousands of skilled women ready to be hired.

Visit our Talent Marketplace to search for Talent. Or post a job or project for free and we’ll be in touch to help. 

| building brands | helping on a budget | Research Designer - UX/ Brand Design
Email Verified Identity Verified Hina Nasir

| building brands | helping on a budget | Research Designer - UX/ Brand Design

HR and Talent Acquisition professional, with strong abilities to build relationships and deliver excellent results
Email Verified Identity Verified Nieves Mena

HR and Talent Acquisition professional, with strong abilities to build relationships and deliver excellent results

Product Photographer | Content Creator | Influencer Marketer
Email Verified Identity Verified Stephany Balogh

Product Photographer | Content Creator | Influencer Marketer

LinkedIn Profile & Content Strategist | Content With Intent | Dot Connector
Email Verified Identity Verified Moumita (Mo) Das Roy

LinkedIn Profile & Content Strategist | Content With Intent | Dot Connector

How HIRE HER Works

Empowering businesses to hire women

At HIRE HER our mission is to help connect businesses of all sizes to professional women looking for work on their terms. All types of jobs can be posted on the platform, from permanent full-time opportunities through to freelance jobs or projects. Our service offering depends on the size of business. We help with attracting and sourcing talent, employment branding and lead generation. Jobs are free to post for small businesses (we charge a success fee for placement). Premium customer service and helping find the right Talent for the job is paramount to us. We pride ourselves with delivering great service to both talent and hirers.

We are a  community not a jobs board or recruitment agency.

Post A Job or Sign Up
Post A Job or Sign Up

Both Talent and employers can sign up for free. You can post a job, create and set up your profile, apply for jobs. We’ll be in touch with a registration email outlining how to use our platform. Employers can use our Talent marketplace to search for Talent or post jobs. We will contact you via email within 24 hours of signing up. All jobs can be listed for up to 60 days.


Hire the best Talent for your job. Depending on size of business, type of job we will touch base with you to explain next steps and how we can best assist in your hiring process. We can help with creating and marketing job ads, sourcing talent and offer a premium service every step of the way. If you choose to hire a freelancer or contractor this can be done through the platform or out of the platform depending on your requirements.

Collaborate & Contribute
Collaborate & Contribute

Make an impact - $1 from every collaboration goes to a non-profit supporting women.

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Our Mission

HIRE HER is a digital talent and jobs marketplace / platform for women currently available to the Australian and NZ market. We help professional women build successful businesses and careers by connecting them to the right jobs. We work with businesses to help match the right female Talent for any job. 

Our platform invites women to create a free profile, promote their skills and browse or post jobs, from full time roles to freelance gigs. All businesses are welcome to post jobs, but only women can apply for them on HIRE HER. Our incentives include free job postings, not charging micro and small businesses, and a premium matchmaking service.

According to McKinsey, empowering women's role as economic contributors could increase the global GDP by USD13 trillion in 2030. Simply put: when women work, economies thrive.

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“As a small business owner, I’ve tended to do everything myself – accounts, marketing, sales and so on.  As the business grew, I knew I needed more help but I didn’t have the need (or budget!) for a permanent employee.   I knew there must be a massive market for smart women (and men) looking for ad hoc work around their lives and families.   And then, the universe did it’s thing and up popped Priscilla in my Linked In feed talking about Hire Her.   From that point on, the recruitment process was seamless.  Priscilla helped me find the perfect person to manage all our social channels.  Now I’ve got time freed up and an expert on call.   As a massive supporter of flexible working, and getting women back into the workforce, I couldn’t recommend Hire Her more.  We will definitely be using them again in the future!”

Jane Ward

CEO of Tomorrow's People

Joining Hire Her gave me the courage to resign from my full time job and go out on my own as a freelancer. Over the last year, I have had several jobs (both one off and ongoing contracts). Priscilla has been my biggest cheerleader and supporter, encouraging me and helping me to grow my business. I admire Hire Her and the work Priscilla puts in to ensure the partnerships between employer and contractor will be a perfect match. I am so grateful to be a part of this community, that is all about supporting women in business.


Founder of Dot Digital

As a mum and a woman of colour, I thought my journey to employment after having a baby was going to be a long, stressful and difficult process. Especially since my experiences with job seeking prior to becoming a mum were awful and that constantly dawned on me while looking for employment after becoming a mum.

I had a quick glance on Seek earlier on the year, however, none of the jobs were mum friendly. I had given up after that and stopped looking altogether. I wanted to spend my precious time with my son creating beautiful memories, than waste time with people who weren’t going to give me a chance. So, when Hire Her reached out to me about an opportunity that popped up, it was too good to miss!

The application process was straight forward. Priscilla Chand, the founder, helped and guided me through the whole process, all while cheering me on and boosting my confidence. The confidence boost was an unexpected thing that I ended up needing, since it wasn’t the same after becoming mum and not working for a while. Everything happened quickly after that. I had the interview, got offered the job and started work all within a month. I should also mention, this was my first job process after becoming a mum.

As someone who’s gone through many job application and interview processes over the years, my journey with Hire Her was a unique and a positive experience. Priscilla has put humanity into a process that had no longer been humanised. Her ability to listen, go above and beyond to assist with my concerns made the job process a lot easier and less stressful. Hire Her, is pretty much created a safe heaven as the hard work is being done on behalf of all of us – weeding out the organisations who value and support all mums and women wanting to part of the workforce.

Looking back at my experience, I could have never imagined I’d now be employed at this point in my life. More so, in an organisation with people who are not only supportive towards me being a mother, but also embraces diversity and women of all paths of life. My future looks much clearer in regards to my career. I can get back to reaching goals that I eagerly want to accomplish. It feels very surreal, that I still can’t believe it. I certainly have a lot to be thankful for Hire Her.

Stephany Balogh


When we made the decision to hire a blogger for our book subscription business, we knew straight away that we wanted to use Hire Her.

The process was very easy, and after posting our ad we received many high-quality proposals, much more than we had expected!

We were able to hire a number of suitable applicants in a way that worked for our business, and we have had nothing but a positive ongoing experience in dealing with Hire Her and their talent.

Antonia Dickey

CEO of Book Box
I’d put off hiring someone because it was such a daunting prospect for me but it was actually made really easy using the HireHer service.
Great support throughout the process and a wonderful talent pool available.  Highly recommended service.

Louisa Currie

Director Redhead Digital

I highly recommend HIRE HER!

It is the perfect platform for female entrepreneurs looking for roles that are either slightly out of the box or with the opportunities you deserve.

I’ve landed two dream jobs through Hire Her, where the proposal process makes it so easy to sell your abilities, which cuts the interview process down.

Thank you for making this all possible Priscilla!

Nicole Nelson

Creative VA

From the first contact with Priscilla and HIRE HER our recruitment process was seamless.

Priscilla is great and her communication is faultless.

Thanks for making our search for a new member of our team so easy.

Agnes Naera

CEO of Global Women
HIRE HER is one of the best platforms for hiring and finding female talent. I use HIRE HER to support female-led businesses and freelancers As a social enterprise, it can be difficult to find and work with talent that is passionate about period products. The HIRE HER platform was accessible and I was able to follow up with potential matches with ease. The process was simple and stress-free! HIRE HER is the perfect platform for people looking to hire. Priscila and Viv were amazing to work with and their communication was spot on. Priscila is a born entrepreneur and businesswoman and helps you along with your hiring and talent-hunting journey.
5/5 stars. Will continue to use HIRE HER.

Shuari Naidoo

Founder of Moraka Menstrual

From the moment I met Pricilla I’ve been in absolute awe of her platform , her motivation , her drive and her abilities to connect and support so many women, businesses and clients together to ultimately all achieve success.
Pricilla has been extremely hands on with my business and supporting me with Tailor made solutions for all my different needs for my businesses.
I have hired an excellent google ad specialist Carrie McIntosh from dotdigital and also a marketing manager Rachel Allen from Rachel Allen Marketing from both from Hireher who have been a brilliant support for my businesses Rio Transport and Rio Movers.
Thank you SO much Pricilla for your amazing platform I’ll definitely keep coming back for more of your amazing work!!

Keziah Maclean

Director Rio Transport and Rio Movers

Priscilla and Hire Her have been so exceptional at funneling perfectly suited applications to us. While hiring for multiple roles, they’ve gone out of their way to suggest tailored recommendations of talent that fit the roles, our team, and our culture. We’ve really enjoyed working with them and have landed a successful candidate who fits right in and is quickly delivering results.


Narrative Muse Co-founder & CEO
Joining HIRE HER has been invaluable for my work and growth as a self-employed woman.
As a designer and marketing strategist with a focus on serving women in business, I have met a number of fantastic people, both in the professional and personal space.
These connections have enabled me to find quality paid work, meet like-minded people and learn and engage with a network of motivated women for advice and support.
Priscilla has been there every step of the way to guide me in using the platform. It is this high-level service which makes HIRE HER stand out from the rest. Priscilla has worked so hard in building the platform, and she is committed to ensuring every woman who uses it succeeds. I feel very lucky to have met her and owe her so much for her support.
I recommend HIRE HER to ever working women, as I know how comforting and empowering it is to work with like-minded people in roles where our hard work is valued. I look forward to seeing the platform expand and thrive.”

Antonia Carter

Founder Antonia Creative

I cannot recommend Hire Her enough! I’ve been able to find exciting work and great talent through the platform and am so excited to see more women make the most of the platform. It’s so inspiring to see how many talented freelancers there are out there who want to provide great service to future clients and Priscilla has found the perfect way to host this talent.

Tina Awny

Founder Studio T