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Branding Package



A brand is like a great novel — done right, it leaves people wanting more. With attention to every detail, every icon, and every aspect of your brand, we intertwine meaning and story at every turn to help you create a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd.

/ Logos + Icons
/ Colour palettes
/ Templates
/ Label Design
/ Style Guides

Deliverables and Inclusions

  • Client: Questionnaire
  • Creative Development: Design research and creative exploration
  • Deliverable: Mood board option 1 – Inspiration, photography, colour scheme
  • Deliverable: Mood board option 2 – Inspiration, photography, colour scheme
  • Client: Feedback
  • Logo development and creative exploration
  • Deliverable: Logo, 2 options
  • Client: Feedback and selection + 2 minor logo changes
  • Changes implemented
  • Client: Review and final approval
  • Final deliverable: Logo in EPS, JPEG, and PNG format with reverse logo options
  • Final deliverable: Brand style guide with logo usage, fonts, colour guide and stock photo style