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Community Management Strategy


No clue what digital community management even is or why you should be investing in it? No worries, that’s why I have this job and I love explaining it and helping others learn the benefits!

Do you want to add value and zest with each interaction a potential customer has with your brand? Want to know what people are saying, and how you can take those insights and turn them into something great?

I offer a community management strategy that’s tailored to your unique business goals. You’ll come away with an easily digestible plan on how to grow and nurture your online community.

  • Bite-sized, actionable steps + tips and industry examples

  • My 3x low-hanging fruit to boost your community management

  • 1x virtual call to explain the strategy and answer any questions

  • 1x 15-minute virtual call 3 months down the track to check in on progress.

*Pricing includes 1x community management strategy which you can implement across all your social media channels. We will discuss this in more depth, after your purchase and during our initial Introductory Call.