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Evolution boards


Emotions and visual information are processed in the same part of the human brain, and we are capable of getting the sense of a scene in less than 1/10th of a second if we can visualy immagine it!

⭐That is why I now offer this helpfull service to all my clients!
Whether you’re creating a new space or updating your existing one, the process of making decisions is not easy for everyone: in fact, it can be very stressful! Even knowing where to start it is hard to visualize the final result.

▶After a chat about what your goals are for the space, I will create one or more personalized Evolution Boards with an arrangement of key images, products, and suggestions that best convey the final result for the space.

❓What is the difference between “Evolution board” and “Inspiration or mood boards”?

The difference is only one: ME!
I am a Professional Organiser and not an Interior Designer so I do not allow myself to suggest any changes in style, interior, colors, and textures: but only products aimed at improving the functionality of the space if implemented with possible elegant minimalistic practical solutions!

You could then either feel inspired to make the changes yourself or ask me to do this for you after my organising session.


Includes 30 minutes of initial consultation and the customized Evolution Board in Pdf format.

Once you receive it you can decide if you feel now inspire and confident and want to research for products yourself or if you prefer me to take care of the purchase with my Personal Shopper Service.

​Cost of products calculated separately