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Executive Assistant


I have over 5 years’ experience as an EA working across multiple functions of business. From working with the finance team through to in house legal to HR and IT I’ve enjoyed working with a variety of people and skill sets. I have a passion for helping people and get great satisfaction out of adding value and empowering people to be their best self.

An executive assistant isn’t just a spreadsheet maker, an invoice processor, an event planner, project support or a diary manager (although I do love a good spreadsheet). We can be a great soundboard, your eye for detail and most importantly can get tasks done to free up not only your time but your head space for you to be more creative, more strategic or even get a better life/work balance. I pride myself on taking a proactive approach and being your trustworthy ally. Being virtual keeps your costs down but does take a commitment to good communication. This is the key to success when working with an EA, especially virtually.