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Google Ads – Account Management


Are you looking to hand over the management of your existing Google Ads account? Search no more, as this service has been customised to meet your needs perfectly!

I will take over your account and, from day one, make sure it is regularly optimised in the best possible way. I will check and make adjustments to your campaigns’ bid strategy and bids, keywords, copy, targeting, search terms, and much more to ensure that your account not only performs well but improves over time.

To keep you in the loop, I will send you a brief report at the beginning of each month that summarises how your account performed in the previous period.

As everything around your campaigns is constantly evolving, having a static account is not good enough. However, keeping up with new formats, trends, and strategies is no easy task, and neither is finding ways to achieve even better results (be it traffic, leads, or sales). That’s why I will handle it for you through my weekly management so that you can focus on running your own business.

Free your hands and get the most out of your Google Ads account; contact me today.

*Please note that this service is designed specifically for businesses with an existing Google Ads account. If your business doesn’t have an active account set up yet, I recommend checking out my Google Ads – Account Setup service before proceeding with this one. Do you struggle with an underperforming account? Please have a look at my Google Ads – Account Review service first.