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Insurance Advice


I give comprehensive thorough advice on Insurance. Here’s why women need a specialised approach to Insurance:

  • On average, women have a different financial mindset than men, and are likely to face gender-specific challenges
  • Despite being no less capable than men, New Zealand women earn less on average, live longer but retire with less, and are less likely to own property
  • Behind these patterns is a blend of personal perceptions and objective barriers, making gender one of the (many) variables that I consider when offering advice
  • Importantly, this is yet another opportunity for advisers to shine and make a difference

Hence I strongly encourage every women to look outside that ‘one-stop-shop’ convenient route and choose to really understand their insurance products/policies. Hence, my advice process is built on this philosophy as well.


How I get paid

My advice is free to you. I get paid by the insurer your policy is with – having said that, I only get paid if you choose to go with a recommendation I present to you. You have the power to decide.