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On-Line Business Manager


Our Silver package is perfect to test the waters and see if an Online Business Manager is what you need!

Dedicating 12 hours over a calendar month to you, we get to establish a report and hopefully turn that into a long working relationship.

As your online business manager, my main role is to support you, but also make those decisions when needed, run the business in your absence, and make sure everything  “ADMIN & BUSINESS” is taken care of while you keep your feet on the ground, on the tools, in the shop – basically making the magic happen.


My services can be used in a range of areas including, but not limited to:


  • Project Management –Planning and managing projects through to completion, including launches, managing programs, creation of new revenue streams, etc.
  • Operations Management – automating systems and creating processes for all day-to-day activities in the business to streamline and simplify how things are run.
  • People Management – outsourcing, managing, and leading the efforts of the team to meet business goals, recruitment, HR, payroll and all other admin tasks
  • General Manager – Provide GM support when the owner or manager works on the ground or in a front-line role, manage accounts, billing, and invoices.