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Product Photography on White Sheet


Hi I’m Steph! It’s nice to meet you!

I believe with each fold and crease on a sheet, there is an art of elegance in the most simplistic way.

This package is for product photography on white sheet. The white sheet is a photography backdrop sheet, for the purpose of photographs. 

This package is perfect for brands who want minimalist photos or new businesses on a budget.

Package includes:

10x high quality edited photos for $100

•Photos will be taken at my home mini studio in Auckland with a DSLR camera.

•Products can be either gifted or sent with a return tracked label and bag for me to post back to you.

• Any gifted products will be featured on my Instagram @beauty.of.shades

•Photoshoot will take place within 10 days of receiving the products.

• You can use the photos however you wish. I kindly advice that I will use these for my photography portfolios.

*Please note: Due to the nature of the sheet, the creases and folds will not be exactly the same as the examples shown in each photo taken.*