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Social Media Audit


Are you curious about how your social media channels are performing? Want to know what you could be doing better? A social media audit will show you how well your social media is performing, what needs to be amplified and what your priorities should be going forward.

Let’s improve your presence and social strategy so your digital channels are nothing short of epic! We all know doing the same old thing won’t give you juicy new results.

I offer audits for social media channels, where I log in and check up to 3 of your current channels and give you an honest assessment of what’s working well, what’s not working so well and what could be improved.

You’ll receive:

  • A quick-start guide of 3x low-hanging fruit which you can implement right away for the biggest impact

  • Recommendations and opportunities

  • Examples of benchmark content in your industry that’s working well

  • 1x 15-minute video chat 3 months down the track to check on progress.

*Pricing includes an audit of upto 3x social media channels that you are currently utilising – you can choose which three I will audit after your purchase and during our initial Introductory Call.