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Surface Design – Repeat Pattern – Non Exclusive


Our seamless repeat patterns have been featured globally on swimwear, active wear, baby apparel, stationary and more!

Custom hand illustrated motifs (using watercolour or digital illustrations) turned into repeat patterns.

Perfect for your business products, apparel, business branding and packaging and more.

Our Non Exclusive range of designs are perfect for business’s on a budget that want to create a unique, vibrant, and lux style

Non Exclusive – What Does this mean

 We can create a non exclusive pattern to your specifications and to help keep your costs down, this pattern will also be made available for sale to other industries outside yours. Ie if you purchase a design to be used on swimwear, if we sell this again, it may be to a stationary business, or wall paper manufacturer etc

You still pick the colours, motifs, themes and everything and the patterns will be illustrated or painted by Kalaii Creations. The design just won’t be exclusive to your business.

We do have Exclusive Options available. Please check our other services on this platform.

File Types:
Files will be made available to you in JPEG and PDF format.

PSD or layered TIFF files (original working files) can be made available upon request, however additional fees are applicable as this is our intellectual property.

Important note:

Kalaii creations does not work in Adobe illustrator for repeat patterns. So if your printer needs Ai files, please check they can accept PSD files. In 100% of my experience printers can accept PSD or TIFF files that are high resolution so this should not be an issue.

Usually 2 Edits are available. Any requests for repainting a motif from the beginning, or additional edits is charged at my pro rata hourly fee of $60.00.