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Consulting and support for early stage startups


Got a great idea involving tech, software or mobile but no idea on how to bring it to life, or how much it might cost?

If you’re looking for someone with broad experience and tech knowledge, who can advise you on how to create your Minimum Viable Product and get it into market as quickly as possible, please get in touch. I have extensive experience within the idea / early stage tech startup space in New Zealand, with a developed network of professionals working across many sectors.

This service is for a 2 hour consultation to understand your idea, what stage you’re at, and offering advice on a tech strategy or roadmap.

I can also help with creating technical roadmaps and delivery of  end product through our company Greenback, a female led and founded tech company operating across New Zealand.

We’re physically based in Wellington, but work remotely so happy to jump on a call wherever you are.