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What is Conversion research? 

Conversion research is the initial phase of the conversion optimisation process. It’s in this phase we gather in-depth research from data and behavioural information; allowing us to uncover ‘what’ and ‘why’ this is happening on your website.  Research will give focus to the areas of your site which need improvement relating to your goals and conversions. 

The data and insights we uncover in this phase enables us to put together a list of recommendations based on data-driven insights into what users are doing on a website. Without this research and analysis phase, any recommendations would be based on hunches and assumptions. This leads to a lot of wasted time and energy so comprehensive conversion research is extremely important in the Conversion Rate Optimisation process.

What’s included: 

  • Initial Discovery session
  • Web Analytics review and analysis
  • Heuristics Walk-through*
  • Research Report
  • Backlog of recommendations

*What is a Heuristic Walk-through?

With a Heuristic walk-through, Conversion experts will make two passes through the website.The first pass will be a cognitive walk-through, based on a set of prioritised tasks; focusing on key journeys on all device and browsers, taking note of any design or technical issues.The second pass requires evaluators to use a set of heuristics (Clarity, Friction, Anxiety and Distractions) to find additional problems. The assumption here is that the task-based review will enhance the heuristic review. Our goal is to uncover areas that are causing problems in the conversion journey and that need further investigation.