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Website Design – 14 Page WordPress setup with UI-focused designs and SEO-focused setup


For the rule breakers and opinion makers

Life is too short to blend in. With The Jeanie Design Studio, get ready to break all the rules with bespoke branding and web design that sets you apart.

Your website is the ultimate wing woman — engaging, alluring, supportive, and the best sales person you’re ever gonna have. We create beautiful and bespoke websites fitted-out with everything you need so you maintain and update it yourself when the time comes.

/ WordPress + Squarespace + Wix
/ Shopify + eCommerce
/ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
/ Google Search Console
/ Mobile-friendly websites


  • Client: Supply website architecture
  • Creative Development: Design, research and creative exploration
  • Deliverable: Home page design presented as a PDF for approval before website build
  • Client: Website feedback, 2 rounds.
  • Creative Development: Home page design changes made. Additional web page designed and presented as a PDF for final approval.
  • Deliverable: 14 Page Website Built in WordPress to pre-approved design.


  • Desktop design
  • Mobile design
  • SEO friendly descriptions and meta tags
  • Setup on google search console
  • Domain connection
  • Setup on google search console
  • Domain connection
  • Sourcing of 4 free stock photos.
  • Image resizing for web optimisation


  • Maintenace package (Security, updates, and plugin maintenance) $450/year

Pricing breakdown detailed: Art Direction: Project management, brief, ideation, client consultation and support. Research, analyses and presentations. Creative direction and rationalisation. Creative Development: Web design, stock photo editing, colour scheme, font selection, website build. Intellectual property rights: Unlimited usage, exclusive to the client. Unlimited territories. Adaptation authorised. The designer will retain the right to display all or parts of the work as soon as the last payment is received. Administration:  Invoicing and accounting. Project resources and data: management and storage.