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Passionate about finding the best solution for clients business needs
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I am well versed and skilled in investment marketing & administration, as well as relationship building & maintenance within the industry. With 11 years experience…

Marketing - Membership - Design
  • $ 45.00 - $ 150.00 / hr
  • South Island
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Employee, project manager and contractor for nonprofits, local government, enterprises and international organisations, both remotely and on location Industries: education, professional development, business tourism (conferences…

Woman who wears many hats!
  • $ 50.00 - $ 50.00 / hr
  • Queensland
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I am pleased to introduce myself and present a brief look at my working career. From employment in administration and bookkeeping to business management, my…

Let me complete your to do list!

Let me complete your to do list! I am an all rounder and have experience in book keeping, project management, customer services, sales and business…