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Illustrator & Graphic Designer
  • $ 27.00 - $ 30.00 / hr
  • Tauranga
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Experienced in arts and design with a background in designing, and content creator in marketing and 3+ years experience helping growing business such as circus,…

Older, but wiser, experienced and awesome!
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Researcher: #logistics #marketing #business #art_history Artist: #classic_art #digital_art #sketch #watercolor Photographer: #pets #portrait #sports #events #nature

i draw the same way buterflies design their own flights
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I’m an artist deeply inspired by nature, colour and shapes . . . Very excited about the idea of ​​being able to merge my drawings…

Be more with Branding, Design and Marketing | Graphic & Web Designer focusing on Business and Design Solutions.

Hi I am Tina Fletcher and I aspire to dance the lines between functional, beautiful, and marketable, I aim to develop designs that convey professionalism…

Artist & Designer
  • $ 24.00 - $ 50.00 / hr
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Kia ora! I’m Bryre Dowling. I am an image maker, critical thinker, and storyteller. I grew up in the Waikato, and am now based in…

Inkberry Calligraphy: The Art of Lovely Lettering
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Hi, I’m Emma, an Auckland calligrapher and I’ve been lettering for many years. It was my Dad who first suggested I take up calligraphy. He…

Creating designs that grab people’s attention while solving communication problems.

Hi I’m Hayley. I help freelancers and business owners to increase their brand awareness and build trust with their customers through logo, brand identity and…