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A creative freelancing asset to your team!
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I manage social platforms and digital marketing for small businesses in NZ across different industries. I have almost completed a Business Diploma in Marketing alongside…

Web Design | Operations Improvement | Collateral Design & more
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I have cultivated a reputation as a problem-solver, being the go-to for complex, high-profile, ambiguous and risky issues. I am highly solution-oriented and drawn to…

Brand Specialist / Graphic Designer / Creative Director
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Born and raised in the Wairarapa, I studied design at Massey University and graduated with honors in 2012. I started in the world of advertising…

I work with small businesses to boost their branding, online presence and revenue through smart social media strategy, SEO and graphic design.

WEB DESIGN AND e-COMMERCE Every business can benefit from a beautiful, functional website that people can search, browse and engage with. If your business can…

Graphic Designer - fast turnaround
  • $ 35.00 - $ 100.00 / hr
  • Auckland
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I have been a graphic designer for over 14 years. I love my job, and I make sure I deliver beautiful and effective designs. I…

| building brands | helping on a budget | Research Designer - UX/ Brand Design

Hi, I am a research designer, working in UX, graphics/ brand design. I help build brands in finding their voice with design for their need.…