3 Amazing Reasons Why Businesses Are Choosing to Hire Freelancers Today

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3 Amazing Reasons Why Businesses Are Choosing to Hire Freelancers Today

Today’s workforce looks nothing like it did years ago. The days of the traditional to 9 to 5 work hours are gone. Instead, modern professionals prefer flexible working hours that preferably allow them to work on their terms based on their lifestyles. 

This demand for flexibility has given rise to the freelance marketplace and the gig economy, which grants workers more autonomy and freedom. While it does offer its advantages to workers, businesses can also benefit from hiring freelancers. 

In fact, 71 percent of hiring managers stated that hiring freelancers allowed them to get more work done. Moreover, 39 percent of businesses found freelancing made it easier to find skills that match what they require. Hence, here’s how hiring freelancers can benefit your business:

They’re cost-effective

One of the primary reasons firms prefer hiring freelancers is that, in many cases, they tend to be more cost-effective than full-time employees. Sometimes, firms need to get one-time tasks down, which they can hire freelancers to complete. 

In this case, you don’t need to pay for additional expenses, such as insurance and medical benefits. You can also make sure you’re not paying for any unproductive downtime by only paying for the work the freelancer is expected to complete.

Access to a diverse talent pool

COVID-19 has shown us that work can be carried out, sometimes even better, remotely. In this case, freelancing platforms give you access to top-tier talent. In addition, if your work is the sort that can be completed remotely, you can hire freelancers from anywhere in the world to do it for you.

Apart from this, most freelancers are also specialists in their fields. Freelancing platforms like HIRE HER can pair you up with these specialists, regardless of where they’re located.

Pay with milestones

Many freelancing platforms offer you protection where you’re only required to pay the freelancer when you’re satisfied with their work. In addition to this, you also can pay in milestones where you can release payments periodically based on every step of the project.

The biggest advantage of milestone payments is that, as a freelancer, you’re protected by HIRE HER if an issue arises during the project. It also encourages freelancers to quickly start and complete the tasks since they know that the payment is ready.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right freelancer for your project might be challenging, but with HIRE HER, you can access an incredibly diverse and qualified talent pool of local female professionals. If you’d like to know how you can do this, reach out so we can tell you how our platform can ensure your project gets completed successfully.