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About “Candice Burningham”

I founded Admin Avenues to solve two main problems: finding great admin roles and helping employers find great admin candidates.

As a career executive assistant for over a decade, I have delivered the executive and operational support for presidents, CEOs and founders of some of the top media, entertainment, design and financial companies. I understand the admin community and its key companies, industries, and trends in the Australian market.

Admin Avenues is Australia’s premiere employment marketplace for admin professionals. We match employers & recruiters with experienced admin support jobseekers. We match employers with experienced admin support jobseekers. As Australia’s #1 job board for the administrative industry, we offer roles and hires from some of Australia’s best companies.

With our careers hub, we help you find the information, guidance and roles that match your administrative preferences and skillset.

For employers, we help you find the right candidate for your role with our specialised portal designed to streamline the process and save you time and money.

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