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About “Hesha Irani”

Meet our founder, Hesha Irani, who is set on a mission to take you through her financial independence journey so that you can achieve your version too!

When I moved to New Zealand and started my investing journey, I struggled to find a platform that I could use to ask all my silly questions without hesitation, to discuss my money habits and behaviours without being judged, to get a grasp of investing vocab without being mansplained. I spent crazy hours doing research and finding answers! When I discussed these stories with my female friends and family members, the responses left me astounded!

  • Investing is too risky
  • Investing is not a woman’s job
  • My partner chooses to keep me out of our family’s personal finances
  • Investing education is too boring and complicated
  • I don’t have the time!

Here we are living in the 21st century, in a patriarchal society where our role models in finance are Men because women are risk-averse, lack confidence and grappled with gender pay gap as a result of which they are investing less than men or even relying on men to make investment decisions for themselves.

As women, we are not raised to manage our finances and/or invest money. As a result we start our investing journey much later in life which puts us at a disadvantage at building our retirement funds at the same level as men. In addition to it, most of us take career breaks or work reduced hours to take on the role of primary caregivers for children or parents. During this time, we are not only spending longer hours caring for loved ones, but also not contributing towards retirement funds. Many of us are giving up essentials like health insurance which means higher healthcare costs at retirement. And to top it all, statistics show that women live at an average 5 years longer than men.

This is a wake-up call women, ask yourselves the question that if consumer debt, mortgage and retirement have no gender then why should financial decision-making have one?

Let’s work together to build a world free of gender inequality, where financial knowledge gap does not exist and differences are valued and celebrated.

Be a part of a community that primarily focuses on helping everyday women like you to become financially independent and build a future you choose to and not the one you have to!

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