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About “Wellbeing Tick”

We’d love to see the day where toxic workplace culture is eradicated and Aotearoa’s mental health statistics are improving as a result of healthy workplaces where people are empowered to thrive!

The Wellbeing Tick is an accreditation programme designed to set the standard for best practice in Aotearoa and support your dedication to the wellbeing of your people.

Everyone deserves to work somewhere where their wellbeing is more important than work, always.

It’s treating humans as human beings.

What is the Wellbeing Tick?

It’s a workplace accreditation programme for organisations that are committed to the wellbeing of their people and ready to make systemic changes to the way they’re working.

It’s based on an award-winning and globally researched wellbeing framework, designed to raise the bar and set the standard for best practice in Aotearoa.

Our Mission

We’re staunchly committed to working together with kiwi workplaces to help transform the alarming state of mental health and wellbeing in Aotearoa.

We’re here to create provocation, disrupt old school thinking, transform toxic cultures and abolish unhealthy ways of working so we can eliminate the risks that work poses on our people’s wellbeing.

Imagine if all workplaces in NZ had the Wellbeing Tick and the ripple effect that would create on not only employee wellbeing but their broader family and community wellbeing too.

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