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Hey I am Manda, and I own Outsourced VA. I specialize in Virtual Assistance, Graphic Design and Social Media – including content creating, and marketing/advertising. Here is my Superhero back story and how Outsourced VA came about ….

I have been doing admin tasks for over 6 years – privately. I started out as personal assistant to a family friend who sold Tupperware way back in 2006. I learnt the in’s and out’s of running a small business. In 2011, I felt confident enough to branch out on my own and become a consultant – within her team. I did that for a few years and gained valuable knowledge and experience – I was running my own business! I eventually left and went on to have my 4 beautiful children – who all keep me very busy! And experience other job industries.

In 2017 while cleaning my oven, I had a light bulb moment! After doing research, I found that 1. its a job not many people enjoy at all! and 2. there wasn’t many oven cleaners around (because its a job no many like doing!). Oven Lovin was born. I created a Facebook page, and started my venture of marketing and advertising myself as an oven cleaner! My business was very successful, and I was being booked out weekly!

At the start of 2019 I ventured into housekeeping/cleaning – and doing ovens on the side. What sat me apart from other house cleaners – was I catered to the individual needs of my clients. I did the jobs they required, so there was no set list – just a set price and time. I did all the jobs the required in the allocated time. Again I was very successful in this area.

That all came to an end when the rest of the country and world came to a standstill – from Covid in 2020.

Here we are in 2021. I was looking for a job that I could maximize my skills and talents, while still following my passion of helping people. In March 2021 I took a leap of faith and started my own VA business! I felt confident in knowing what to do – this would only be the thirdĀ  time I started my own business, and I had a vast knowledge in admin tasks, marketing and adverting, and graphic design. I created all my own social media platforms – including my website, did all my own marketing and networking and found my own clients. I also taught myself quite a bit along the way.

Since then, I have found a long term client – and business partner! I am co-owner of a dog walking business called “Jess Walks Dogs” – this was handed to me as a skeleton (legit it was just a website and a business idea) it was my job to add the “guts” to it. Its an ongoing (small) side project. I have had one major project for my business portfolio (almost to the extent I went to, to set up my business), as well as small side jobs – including helping to start up two small businesses..

I find I am doing more graphics and social media work than VA work – which is amazing as I just love being creative and helping clients bring their visions to life! I really enjoy the challenge of learning something new and always looking for ways to to feed my thirst of knowledge!

And that my friends, is how Outsourced VA was born – and I became a Superhero!


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Digital Marketing Skills

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Micro credential course. Aimed at preparing me with experience and knowledge with some of the digital marketing tools available. Also helps me improve my marketing plan for my business and helps me gain confidence in my chosen field of work.