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Helping startups and SMEs effortlessly fight cyber attacks

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Like most people, I had always presumed cybersecurity to be something primarily concerning large companies and organisations. But what I quickly discovered was that many cyber-attacks specifically target SMEs – small to medium sized businesses. And that these businesses are often the most lucrative targets because many are easily breached.

Yet, many startups and SMEs are either not aware of the cybersecurity threat or don’t have the resources to effectively manage and combat it. After learning more about cyber security incidents and the very real threats businesses and individuals face in the digital era, I knew I had to help.

Help raise awareness and help combat cybercrime. So I founded Security Lit.

In the short time since founding Security Lit, We have built a strong team and acquired noteworthy key clients in NZ and across the globe. One such client,  powers well over 90k websites and applications globally. But we are not resting on our laurels. Security Lit’s vision is to keep educating businesses and individuals about cyber security threats and how to protect themselves.


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Helping startups and SMEs create a security structure in their organisation.

Cyber security threats affect all organisations, big and small, across every industry sector.
In fact, small to medium sized businesses are often the most lucrative targets because many are easily breached. That’s why it’s crucial for SMEs to actively mitigate and reduce their cyber security risks.

Our IT security services are designed to help keep your business safe online and protect you against severe cyber security threats.
This includes assessing vulnerabilities, creating incident response plans, ensuring your organisation’s IT security compliance, and providing your team with training and education.

That way, you can grow online safely and with confidence.