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Putting the 'human' into Human Resources by providing coaching, support and documentation to employers who want to get their HR right.

Here to help you make sure you’ve got the foundations to develop loyal, productive and profitable teams and limit your risk… HR doesn’t have to be a dirty word but it can be scary, I get it! Not everyone loves HR as much as we do!

We’re here to help business owners like you grow their teams with confidence and without risk. We’ll help you cultivate a loyal, profitable and productive team that will give you support to develop your business. I want business owners like you to feel confident in their HR knowledge, systems and skills. That’s why Hey HR does what we do – so that businesses are empowered to tackle any HR hurdle.

So, what do we do? Well, in a nutshell whatever you need. Whether it be
  • Support and coaching around good employment and human resources practice
  • Setting up processes that tick the box and create foundations for your business to grow
  • Full documentation
  • Specialised contracts or policies
  • On-call advice
  • Support in HR processes
…or even something else, we can tailor our support to suit your needs.

Send me a message to book a free discovery call now. We’ll talk through your pain points and isolate any gaps in your processes. Then I’ll come up with a bespoke plan to get your business’ HR firing on all cylinders. There’s no strings attached so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


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