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Empowering individuals + teams through strengths, strategy + success coaching + workshops

I empower individuals and teams to define their own success statement and help them achieve it through leveraging their strengths and developing and executing a strategy to get there.

I primarily work with purpose and impact-driven businesses, organisations and projects so that I can help scale and maxmise the impact they are already making, whether that’s social, economic or environmental.

I am particularly passionate about empowering women who are navigating or considering professional change as I have navigated a significant amount of it myself, both personally and professionally, over the last 15 years.¬† For example, I’ve made a country on the opposite side of the world my home (I’m an Irish woman living in Christchurch, New Zealand since 2010), I got married, I’ve become a mother and have navigated the identity questions and professional changes that resulted, I have left full time employment and built my own business and I have a lot of work to let go of old beliefs and emotions from my early life that were no longer serving me.


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