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Social Media Manager & Virtual Assistant

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Are you a social media manager with too much work and too little hours in a day?

Maybe you’re a business owner who doesn’t have the time to take care of your marketing strategy?

Leave it with me so you can get on with running your business.

I’m Gemma, a content creator and social media campaign manager for wellness and beauty service providers, specialising in brand awareness campaigns and chat-bot flows.

I provide all sorts of social media management, virtual assistance and copy writing services. I can help create a face and personality for your business, connecting you to your audience and compelling people who truly identify with your brand. 

The most important thing to me is providing you with whatever you need virtually, so you can focus on your goals and keep your business thriving. My specialties are varied and I am quick to learn, enquire about services unlisted as I am confident that I have the tools to see your marketing goals through.

  • Email Newsletter Marketing
  • Social media management
  • Virtual on-call administration
  • ManyChat Marketing and Facebook Business Suite Management
  • Content Creation & Copywriting


If you need a freelancer who is adaptable, authentic and passionate, then let’s work together to grow your business!




I have worked in many environments but always been drawn towards project management, with a background in administration and customer service paired with a passion for creativity, I have found a strength in providing virtual support and campaign management to freelancers who don’t have enough hours in a day! 

My administrative background began in my early days in the workforce. Working in the hospitality industry exposed me to the ins and outs of function planning and coordination, and is also where I realised my love and true knack for customer service. These skills were key in my migration to the healthcare industry, where as the digital practice coordinator I managed individual treatment plans in the and administrative tasks in a high intensity clinic.

It was as I decided to pursue a Diploma in aspiration of my project management goals that the opportunity to enter the social media world presented. I was approached by a freelancer friend of mine who felt with my background and experience, paired with my lifelong passion for creativity and design, I could potentially find my dream career, which brings me to now!

I have been a contracting Virtual Assistant and Campaign Manager at Ease Agency for 6 months, where I have developed a whole new understanding for how social media platforms can be utilised to promote new client leads. This incredible work environment has me hungry to expand my clientele and experience. 





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