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Overworked? Claim back your work-LIFE balance!

Building your Professional Career and/or your Business is hard. Support networks not always there, exploring, integrating and finding your feet are other aspects you need to juggle.

As a migrant, Business Owner and Professional myself, it is clear that Life is not only about work: at the end of each single day, you are alone with the person who really matters. You! You as a Person, not only as a professional.

Creating pathways to a more fulfilling self is the mission of my ???????????????? ???????????????????? & ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? practice.

It’s called Work-Life balance for a reason: ’cause it’s about LIFE too.

Time to invest in yourself? Check out my LinkedIn profile ????????, and then let’s talk! Get in touch for one of those conversations that matter
????: info@graziecoaching.com
????: www.graziecoaching.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/graziecoaching

I can help you:
– get ???????????????????????????? with issues you’ve thought through (and yet no solution!)
– bring ???????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? you see a certain situation
– get ???????????????????????????? on your current thinking
– ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? you couldn’t see before
– craft an ???????????????????????? ???????????????? to make solutions come to life

My approach: lots of empathy, focus on growth&strengths and big smiles!
Committed to ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? myself: a Business Admin background, experience in People & Culture, HR in Italy, Germany and New Zealand, NLP certified practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & Coach certified…and trying to pick up Spanish for the Nth time????


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Email Verified Identity Verified Grazia Ravelli

Strengths Assessment

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Email Verified Identity Verified Grazia Ravelli

Coaching Session – 60min

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Life & Mindset Coach

  •  Grazie Coaching
  •  Mar 2025 - May 2022

Coaching is the connecting line of all my experiences in a few jobs-industries-countries --> giving you the space to open up and explore ideas of how you can maximise YOUR life experiences!
I can help you building a more fulfilling life (however that looks for you).
Working out of Auckland ???????? and Remotely.

Career Development Consultant

  •  Tertiary Education Commission
  •  Jun 2021 - Jun 2022

Coaching applied! Helping skilled migrants settle, orientate and prosper in Aotearoa. The role comprises a mixture of Workshop & Webinar deliveries and One-on-One sessions.

• Facilitation of min. 2x Zoom Webinars p. month [4 to 40 attendees each]
• Deliver One-on-One Career Development - Coaching Sessions on a weekly basis
• Moderated Live Zoom Webinar with 4x External Panelists

People & Culture Coordinator

  •  Figured
  •  Oct 2019 - May 2021

Formalising my contribution to shaping Figured culture and our people! Now being a remote first reality, I implement and support a range of initiatives including PX, P&C projects, HR, on/off boarding, ER and employee engagement.

• Implemented CS roles pathing model (onboarding to 18 months)
• Active contributor and implementor (1 of 2) in creating yearly People & Culture Canvas
• Assisted managers in discussing professional growth paths with direct reports
• Contributed to 1st in-house Leadership Development programme


Brain-Based Coaching Certificate

  •  NeuroLeadership Institute
  •  Feb 2028 - Jun 2021

Bachelor of Arts

  •  University of Verona
  •  Jan 2006 - Jul 2010

Bachelor in Foreign Languages and Literatures for the International Commerce (Majoring English and German)