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Immersed in the business world for the better part of 20 years has provided valuable insight into all aspects of business operations and human capital.

While working hands on in day to day practice, I honed skills in over 10 years as a consultant and coach to the industry to analyse their operations, find efficiencies, implement systems that find time, reduce stress levels and increase profit.

I am passionate about finding the most efficient ways to operate businesses to ensure that they are achieving the successful outcomes that they strive for and working with individuals in the management of human experience including breaking down daily stressors and pressures to receive positive outcomes.

Writing is a passion and I focus on brand and personal storytelling into web copy, bios, business profiles, articles and blogs. In addition, I create HR documents, business proposals, and the analysis and refinement of resumes.


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Business Consultant and Coach

  •  Dec 2014 - Present

• Consultation with business to achieve the strategic outcomes for internal and external stakeholders
• Coaching of individuals to provide training and support in their roles and achievement of personal and
business goals toward development of company culture
• Support individuals and groups through challenging market and environmental conditions
• Development of programs to assist with change management and wellbeing of individuals and teams
• Development and delivery of workshop training for teams
• Design and delivery of keynote presentations to conference delegates
• Training, mentoring and assessment of individuals within the real estate industry
• Design, development and implementation of policies and processes to achieve systemisation within an
• Perform due diligence and consult during integration and change management processes in rent roll
• Assistance and organisation at small through to large scale conferences and events
• Generation of new business through developing relationships
• Business analysis and preparation of reports and recommendations for positive outcomes in line with
business objectives
• Client HR management to assist with the acquisition and retention of new staff as well as identification
of productivity and management of current staff
• Management of the company online learning management system including design of training
programs and assessment
• Maintaining positive client relationships to achieve client goals and the aims of the business
• REB Finalist Mentor of the Year, 2020


Bachelor Arts (Psychology)

  •  Charles Sturt University
  •  Dec 2015 - Feb 2021

Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology with a writing and sociology minor.

Graduate Certificate in Adult & Vocational Education

  •  Charles Sturt University
  •  Jul 2021 - Nov 2021