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Skincare consultant and Social Media Assistant

  •  Plantier Developments
  •  Dec 2017 - Aug 2019

My first role in this company was as a skincare consultant in the outlet store where my duties consisted of decorating the storefront windows every three months, reaching monthly sales targets and helping to meet customer needs. After many months in that role, I moved to the factory where I labelled and then packed stock, ready to be shipped out to customers. From that role, I moved on to become a social media assistant. I worked alongside the social media manager to produce copy for the website as well as the company Facebook and Instagram accounts. There were also times when my role included taking photos and scheduling weekly posts across all social media channels, as well as crafting and sending out emails to all customers.

Freelance Digital Marketer

  •  Alfie & Gem
  •  Aug 2020 - Nov 2020

Under Alfie & Gem, I am responsible for ensuring that customer engagement across the company Instagram account is focused on not only education in the plant community, but that it also carries and light and fun tone. I part manage the account along with the owner, Gemma. My main responsibilities are customer engagement, producing engaging stories to be posted every day, researching potential collaborations with other small business and finding new and interesting content to repost.

Freelance Content Designer

  •  Dec 2020 - Feb 2021

*Writing blog articles
*Creating fabric cards
*Designing Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest graphics
*Editing instruction guides
*Redesigning instruction cards


Diploma in Writing for Creative Industries

  •  Feb 2018 - Nov 2018

This degree has made me proficient in writing in areas such as; copywriting and media releases, as well as technical and blog writing.

Diploma in Arts (History)

  •  Feb 2020 - Dec 2020

As part of this degree, I developed knowledge around both of the world wars as well as domestic and foreign policies conducted in the UK, USA and New Zealand.