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Sustainable story telling, ethical content creation

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www.organicaphotography.co.nz  hello@organicaphotography.co.nz

Emotive product and branding photography that captures the heart of your eco-conscious brand.

For the small venture with a big appetite for change

Dog-lover, yoga hippie, plant mum and visual storyteller. 


I’m an ethical product and brand photographer based in Queenstown. I help eco-brands captivate the right audience by transforming their message into stunning images. 

I started Organica Photography because I’m well and truly passionate about natural products and saving the planet. My heart does an excited little squeal when I look at a label and the ingredients are simple, yummy, uncomplicated things like “almond oil”. No Benzoflapalagans, thank you very much! 


After working in commercial photography for over 10 years, I’m lending my skills to projects that are more aligned with my values. I wanted to play my part to limit climate change by encouraging more people to shop with small, local, value-driven brands (like yours). I’d like to think I’m doing that through my earthy and emotive imagery. 



My photography style is fresh and contemporary, with a touch of mother earth and a whole lotta soul. I like to get my feet dirty so I give you the option to shoot outside in nature or in my professional studio. Either way, you can trust that there will be textures, props and mint lighting to create an organic symbiosis, while visually telling the story of your product.

Uncomfortable in front of the camera? No worries! I’ll use my yogi superpowers to create a relaxed and fun environment so you can be yourself while I make you look (and feel) your best.

Creating branding images that don’t feel clinical or staged, but organic and free spirited.


I believe energy is everything. Your photoshoot is more than a checklist of items that need to be ticked off. When you have the right intention, passion and value behind your work, your audience can feel it too. 

I help you cultivate the right type of energy during our shoot before you put it out into the world. This means going beyond the brief and lending my input with ideas you might not have thought of! 

Want to know more? Download my resume/media kit on my profile to learn how we can work together


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