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Social media videos for busy businesses

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So you’ve got the website with the nice brand photos. You’ve got the social media with the content pillars. You know video is a great way to strop the scroll but you just don’t have time to tackle it yourself. That is where I can help.

Whether it’s brainstorming your next Instagram Reel, editing your reel for you or taking your brand shots and transforming them in to a short and sweet social media video.

I’m Kylie, a Video and Content Producer from Story Orchard. I’ve been a fan of video since way back. I was one of those excited camcorder kids and I’m equally excited today by the latest trends. I also have Venie, an online venue directory, where I am putting my content creation skills to good use and making the most of reels.

In the past, I’ve worked for online learning companies and created training materials. Whilst in London I worked in production companies and at the very beginning of my career I worked for Tourism New Zealand.


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Bachelor of Communication Studies

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  •  Mar 2002 - Nov 2005

Major in Advertising Creativity