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Empowering women in marketing.

I have supported many women in Marketing, Instagram, and Branding and I’ve discovered a few things…

1. Overwhelm is very common and overwhelm comes from a lack of clarity.

2. A lack of clarity brings with it a lack of confidence.

3. We all love to jump into creating and selling and the foundations of the business are often left until we feel stuck, a few months or years into the business.

My mentoring work is in supporting you to create strong foundations for your brand.  It is the essential part of a successful business, just like building a house.  Together we define and craft your brand presence, your brand stories, who you are, what you offer, and what makes you you. And from the results I have seen, it also makes everything so much easier.

After working in branding for 15+ years I have a lot of tools to support you and your business. I’ve managed brands including Nespresso, Jamie Oliver by Tefal, Krups espresso machines, Sunbeam appliances, JR Duty Free, various ‘celebrity’ professional chefs and high-profile events businesses in the UK. I know what it takes to make a great brand work. I know how the corporates do it. I know the results you get when you invest millions in a campaign and I also know how to adjust this to work for a small business.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and don’t know your brand personality, your unique key messages, your brand story, brand promise; or simply just never know what to write or say, then let’s chat.

Once we have your brand defined, we talk through how to implement this in social media, email marketing, Pinterest, website and throughout your business.

And I truly believe that 1:1 mentoring is always worth the investment as there is so much value in having someone opposite you to go back and forth and brainstorm all the options. I also know there is real magic from an outside perspective. What may seem strange or a hurdle to you can be really clear to me. So often you don’t know what you don’t know.

If you feel brand strategy support is what your business needs then get in touch. I’d love to support you

Hey there, I’m Lisa:

Here’s the snapshot about me:

  • Solo mama to two super active boys
  • Creator and dreamer
  • Writer (www.wilderoad.co.nz)
  • Lover of coffee, wine and donuts
  • Love a good morning sunrise, and early morning.
  • In love with the power of mindset, manifestation, and real-life magic.
  • Obsessed with small business
  • 15 years marketing and branding experience
  • Grew up literally in a small business
  • A few degrees and certifications
  • Your biggest cheerleader.


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