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Virtual Assistant, Social Media Management, Project Management

Are you a business owner, financial advisor, or need help with managing your online presence?
Got a special project that you know will help your business but keep putting it on the backburner?
Need an extra pair of hands to help you, but don’t have the time to train them?
Systems are a mess, but don’t know where to start?

That’s where a Virtual Assistant could help you.

Hi. I’m Lynley.
I’m here to help you in your business. I’ve come from a background in operations, customer service, and admin management. I enjoy getting to know different industries and looking for ways to improve and streamline.

Think that you are ready to chat about your specific needs and how I could help, book a discovery call with me now.

Or contact me via
Email – lynley.vss@gmail.com
Txt/Call – 0211880032


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