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Here to HELP FREE UP time for Business's and Business Owners, so that they can focus on the areas that are more of a Priority!

  • $ 35.00 - $ 124.00 / hr
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I am a Freelance Virtual Assistant created to HELP FREE UP time for Business’s and Business Owners, so that they can focus on the areas that are more of a Priority.

Offer 1:1 FREE for 1 hour Consultation to discuss more into depth what support you are looking for your Business? This is beneficial for both you and I to get a better understanding of the Business. To see which of my: skills, capabilities, experience, and services, would be suitable for your Business.

I show strong initiative, take pride in the clients I am working with, to deliver commitment for excellence and to develop long term relationship with clients.

I specialize in  “Customer Service , Customers Focus and Customer Experience”, simple tasks that I do offer are:

  • Business Support
  • Admin Support
  • General administration
  • Documentation management
  • Email management and filing
  • Social Media management – Basic task, scheduling post and engagement with followers
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Data Entry

Skills , capabilities and experiences that I hold are:

  • Schedule and send emails
  • Customer service emails
  • Appointment setting and scheduling
  • Research
  • Travel and Booking arrangements
  • Social Media schedule
  • Social Media management
  • Outsource emails
  • Navigate multiple systems
  • Project management
  • Documentation management
  • General administration

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant are:

  • Easy to adapt to new systems and to understand variety of Business structures
  • Markable due to having to learn various of industries
  • TAKES TIME seriously, Business owners can outsource a lot of their task or responsibilities so they can have more time to focus on the thing they enjoy with their Business or Family
  • EFFICIENT, can take care of formatting of any presentation, scheduling, or file management


Take ADVANTAGE of my 1:1 FREE for 1 Hour Consultation , lets have chat about how can I support you, so that you can FREE UP your time, so you can focus on the areas in you that are more of a priority whether its the task you would prefer to pay more attention in your Business or more time with your family. Get in touch!





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Customer Specialist

  •  ASB Bank
  •  Jun 2022 - Present

As a Customer Service Representative with experience in ASB Bank's Contact Centre, I have developed a passion for providing exceptional customer experiences. I have a love for learning, which has helped me to continuously advance my skills in customer service. In this role, I have gained a deep understanding of ASB Bank's brand and the banking industry as a whole. I strive to provide extraordinary customer service to both customers and staff and have learned how to effectively address complex inquiries and complaints. I have also become skilled in meeting KPI expectations and planning for personal development with the support of my manager. Overall, my experience as a Customer Service Representative has been a highlight of my career and has given me the confidence to take ownership of my own professional growth.

High light of this opportunity: On job training, assisting facilitator coaching the new South Island contact centre team and at present Kiwi Saver Champion learning more into depth on Kiwi Saver, growing, developing into my goal to become a Kiwi Saver and Investment Specialist.

• Provide customers with appropriate information or forward the general enquiries to the relevant specialist or appropriate departments.

• Responsible to make sure Customers general enquiries are resolved.
• Understand the initial need of Customers, educate them on relevant products and services.

• Understand that I am the Brand of ASB by living up to the Values of ASB which are: Caring, Integrity, Passion, Courage and United.

• Deliver an Unbeatable Experience to customers across to ASB group.
• Every day learning the process, procedures, and policies of the Banking Sector.


  •  St John
  •  Jan 2022 - May 2022

I have gained valuable experience in dealing with people in need and have honed my skills in administration, communication, and de-escalation. To continuously improve and respond to coaching, ensuring that I am always delivering the best possible service to those who require Covid-related assistance. With a confident and calm demeanour, I am able to take control of calls when necessary and provide accurate and informative advice to callers. My experience as a mother has also given me a unique perspective and empathy in dealing with individuals and families affected by the pandemic. My experience as a Covid Advisor has been fulfilling and has allowed me to develop essential skills in a challenging and ever-changing environment.

• Servicing multiple inbound and outbound ques that are covid related.
• Expecting Calls that can be stressful, require a high level of patience, empathy, and resilience.
• Expected to cover calls from manged isolation, self-isolation, to also learn how to make manual outbound calls and to be able to answer any general queries that are covid or vaccination related.

• To have flexibility which is required hugely. Covid is like a moving ground, the changes are always changing daily, so you are expected to keep up to date with what the Focus of the week is, the changes of the Process and Procedures of Covid or Vaccination.
• To be Proactive using the resources that we have access to, be confident in assisting caller’s queries with out assistance.

Customer Care Representative

  •  2 Degrees
  •  Oct 2021 - Dec 2021

Gained extensive experience in providing exceptional customer service and resolving complex issues efficiently. I possessed excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and am able to establish rapport with customers easily. Highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to multitask effectively in a fast-paced environment. My strong problem-solving skills and ability to remain calm under pressure have enabled me to consistently exceed customer expectations. As a dedicated customer care representative, I was committed to providing the highest level of service and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.

- Answering inbound calls, responding to customer questions and complains.
- Walking through and directing customers the steps to their enquires or transferring calls to the
appropriate representative. Process forms or request.

- Keeping records of customers interactions, transactions , comments , payments and complaints.
- Extra help for customers on the best product for the customers
- Selling the product that best suits the customer and helping customers understand the product
they are buying.

- Responsibilities of accounts processing payments dues and updates
- Acknowledge and resolve any problems customer may experience from the service.

What skills and experiences I learnt from this role included:

-Learning about the types of Broadband Plans the 2Degree’s service provider can provide for customers
based on their address.

- Which fibre companies provide according to the region that customer lives in.
- How solve or find solution for addresses for customers who are in complicated situations with
connecting to a service, linking customer, or advising their options.

- Understanding what VDSL and ADSL are which is appropriate for Customers, if Fibre is not available in
the area or address