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Bringing creative flair into your business, so you can sell, grow, and scale with confidence.

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Branding | web design + Squarespace support for small businesses

You’re a creative and inspirational small business owner.
You’re the one with the vision – the big ideas. And your presence online needs to reflect those brilliant ideas flowing through your mind… don’t let technology be your handbrake.

We’ll craft you the beautiful brand you’ve been dreaming up, and bring it to life with a customised Squarespace website your customers will love – you can sit back and keep doing what you do best.

Design inspired by you, to inspire your customers

Maybe you’re creating or refreshing your brand identity, or maybe you’re moving your store online to reach more customers.
Your ideas are our biggest inspiration, and our web and brand design services are fuelled by your passion – it’s a match made in heaven.

Creating technologically confident business owners

Editing your website doesn’t have to be scary. We’re combining our design expertise, our Squarespace knowledge and our passion for education, so you feel empowered to make changes to your website on your own – without fear of breaking anything, or racking up a huge bill.

Whether you already know the basics and need a little support to make the tweaks you desire, or you’re the kind of person who prefers to be taught how to fish – we’ll support you every step of the way. It’s your business, after all!

Designer: Ngahuia Crossman

Raised in an environment with an artistic influence, my mother is a stone carver, my father a woodcarver, and both grandparents painters. You could say art was in my DNA.

My business journey started as a fashion stylist. As the years went on, I felt more inspired and connected to the designers and clients I was working for. I decided to change direction and completely rebranded and taught myself Graphic and Web Design. (thanks, google)

I discovered I had more passion for shining a light on other creatives and bringing their vision to life. So here we are, three countries, five kids and eight years later.


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