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Frontend Developer

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Ciao! My name is Nisida, originally from Italy, I moved in Wellington back in 2014 with my partner.

I have background in admin/office support roles and 4 years ago I made a career change. I am now a frontend developer with 3 years of experience in building and improving web applications using React Hooks and modern javascript tools. I am looking for a new opportunity to work on diverse and challenging projects and develop my skills further.

In my free time I like painting (have a look on my fb page or instagram !), cooking, walking,  dancing cuban salsa and Tango!


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  •  Xero
  •  Jul 2022 - May 2023

Building/improving the components library for the xero.com website using React Hooks, Typescript and styled components library.

Intermediate Developer

  •  Aug 2020 - Jun 2022

I worked on several front-end projects using React Hooks, Typescript and Material-UI.

BFF: to handle data caching, filtering, sorting and pagination logic of a list of accounts rendered in a table, to improve performance

Compliance dashboard: a series of widgets with expandable tables that allow advisers to keep up with their ongoing obligations such as annual client review and renewing expired wholesale certs.

Bulk order: allows advisers to upload a set of orders/instructions, check for validation errors, submit the bulk order to FNZ/AssetWatch. Before they used to do this process manually; it was time consuming and prone to errors.

Filters component: filters applied to an accounts’ details table, with different sections, multi-select dropdowns and checkboxes.


Web Development Training Scheme - Level 6 with 72 Credits

  •  Enspiral DevAcademy
  •  Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

I completed between 700 and 800 hours of coding on multiple projects in a team/simulated work environment.
I learnt technical skills that allow me to work full stack: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React js, Node js, Express js, Postgres and SQLite databases, Knex.js.
I developed high levels of self-awareness and familiarized myself with different aspects of a work environment through weekly human skills sessions (e.g: agile principles, Scrum practice, appreciation of diversity, empathy and communication skills).
I gained experience in giving/receiving feedback and in pair-programming.

Bachelor Degree in Banking and Finance

  •  University of Udine, Italy
  •  Sep 2008 - Mar 2012

Basic knowledge about the functioning of financial markets, financial intermediaries and corporate finance, business economics, economic history, general mathematics.