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I’m here to help. I’ve worked with all kinds of companies in more than a dozen industries and covered all as below. I work extensively with boards and management designing the mission, vision, strategy, pillars, goals and tactics as needed.  Then I work with management to implement the strategy through their work plan. Finally, I work with the team to design effective reporting for measuring progress, identifying and addressing roadblocks, recognising success and seeing return on investment.

Let’s chat and see what I can do to help. Short term, long term, fixed term, whatever you need.

  • Accounts (budgets, creditors, debtors, PAYE, GST, IRD, Capex, Fixed Assets)
  • Payroll (large and small)
  • IT solutions (accounting, management, Power BI)
  • HR (hiring and firing, difficult conversations, training & development)
  • Marketing & Communications (strategy, media plan, campaign design & implementation)
  • Sponsorships (securing, renewing, leveraging)
  • Ticketing & events
  • Product design & development
  • Sales
  • Importing and exporting


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