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Brand Designer

My mission is to empower YOU to follow your passions and become the owners of your time and live the life you have always imagined. I want to help you launch a confident and meaningful brand so that you can achieve the life you’ve dreamt of. It would be a great joy for me to help you in your journey and to be a storyteller of your brand.

My name is Sara. I am a multi-passionate girl who started her career in nursing, mental health and continued the journey into working within the family violence area. Although I enjoyed my career in mental health and family violence, helping people overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals, I have always carried that inner child with me with a desire to draw and design.

I knew I wanted a change in my lifestyle, so, drawing on my past artistic skills, I worked hard to acquire the skills needed to make this happen. I have studied a different variety of courses in graphic design, brand design, and brand strategy. You can find some examples of my work in the portfolio section. It is my aim to deliver the highest quality work and get the WOW reaction from you.

Looking forward to working with each other.


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Full Brand Identity Package

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Graphic Design Master Class

  •   - Nov 2020

Graphic design theory with Lindsay Marsh.

Contents covered in the course:
- Logo Design
- Print & Editorial Design
- Pattern Design and Illustration
- Package Design
- Branding Design
- Social Media/Digital Graphic Designer

The Branding Masterclass-The Entire Brand Design Process

  •   - Dec 2020

A comprehensive brand design course with Lindsay Marsh.

This course covered all aspects of the brand design process. From sketching to portfolio presentations and other topics such as:

- Understanding Client Briefs

- Learning to Ask the Right Questions

- Client and Competitor Research

- Finding a Target Audience

- Creating a Customer Persona

- Finding a Style Direction

- Finding a Brand’s Position in the Market

- Word Association Exercises

- Word Mapping and Other Brainstorming Activities

- Sketching Concepts

- Learn How to be Creative

- How to Select Concepts for Further Development

- The Entire Logo Design Process

- Picking the Right Typeface

- Gridding and Finalizing Our Logos

- Creating a Logo System

- Creating Typographic System

- Creating a Flexible Color System

- Understanding Color Psychology and its Effect on Brand Design

- Working with Projects and Mockups to Further Develop Color Palettes

- Applying Our Brand Systems to Real World Projects

- Learn How to Write Ad Copy for your Brand

- Creating and Writing your Brand Voice and Language

- Creating Photography Rules for Brands

- Developing a Full Client Presentation

- Understanding the Basics of Brand Standards and Brand Guidelines