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Turn your service or knowledge into a highly sellable product - Educational Product Development Specialist

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You have an incredible service based business and your knowledge is highly sort after but…you’re stretched, you can’t take on any more opportunities because you’re at full capacity.  Let me support you in taking your business to the next level, without the burn out.

I specialise in helping people to commercialise their service, consultancy or knowledge into a profitable educational, vocational or learning product.  Giving your clients and customers an additional way to benefit from your services.

Whether you want help getting it “out of your head” to validate your idea, creating a plan, honing in on your target market or jumping in and developing, designing and delivering an amazing product, I can make it happen.

I have 20+ years experience in building learning and development experiences that people love.
I started out helping health professionals find a way to educate their clients and then commercialise they’re ideas, going from small, local audiences to growing and going global.

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