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Turning the technical into something meaningful & useful

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I’m passionate about turning the complex into something simple, useful and impactful for people and businesses.

I can provide product management for start ups on an affordable interim or part-time basis or consulting on product operations, strategy and roadmapping or user research design on a contract or fractional basis.

The what, why and how: Strategy, operations & delivery

I have a wealth of experience working with companies to transform their business goals into actionable roadmaps and a clearly defined strategy as well as setting up the frameworks for teams to deliver on these goals. I love to find and implement ways of working and practical processes that contribute towards achieving a business goal – whether that means working with you to improve your service delivery design; conducting and embedding user research into your next steps as a company or breaking down a strategy or goal into clearly defined milestone deliverables for a cross-functional team.

Some of the ways I can do this best include:

  • implementing product frameworks and practises
  • Strategic Roadmapping: Transforming business goals into tangible, achievable plans
  • Leading cross-functional teams to successful project delivery
  • Process Enhancement: assessing and improving the people, processes and tools that help a business to accelerate
  • Designing experimentation and other ways to gain continuous feedback from your customers
  • Conducting insightful research to inform strategic decisions and ‘next step’ priorities
  • Setting and tracking business objectives for growth


Working with Technology to level up your business

As for the more technical and project based stuff…

I love to see software enabling people to what they do best, whether that’s making it faster and easier to do their job, reducing their time spent on manual, monotonous tasks or “partnering with” technology to make a product or service even more powerful! I’ve worked with people and businesses across the different stages of the journey to embed software as a part of their product/service offering or ways of working.

  • Software Integration: Seamlessly incorporating tools to optimize workflows (including ways to use miro, asana, jira, google workspace, integrations, ChatGPT)
  • Change Management and project delivery: Facilitating digital transformation and software adoption.
  • Virtual Workshops: training, team planning, wellbeing workshops, retrospectives, product discovery sessions.


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