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Human Resources Generalist

  •  GP-Connect
  •  Mar 2023 - Dec 2023

• Responsible for the selection process decisions.
• Conducted interviews with the candidates via online and on the phone.
• Coordinated external recruiting firms from all around Europe.
• Manage KPI’s to ensure employees performed according to their job role expectations and assist them with anything they need to perform their duties to ensure better rules.
• Helped the assist the new employee with the best possible route for their travel in the Netherlands.
• Schedule, organise and lead weekly and monthly meetings with management and the team to ensure everyone is aware of their targets, changes or any additions that may occur in the upcoming and present such as a new policy, staffing or schedules.
• Updated the HR-ATS systems (using all Manatal, Breezy and Easyflex.nl).
• Negotiated pay and salary rates and finalising arrangements between client and candidate.

Onboarding Specialist

  •  Watermelon
  •  Aug 2022 - Feb 2023

• Provided product demonstrations for new staff and clients to illustrate how utilizing chatbots can benefit their business.
• Optimized the product development process with key clients, based on success stories and creation of dedicated content.
• Scheduled product demonstration and troubleshooting meetings with clients in order to install confidence in their use of the chatbot.
• Informed and trained Helpdesk Employees on the latest products and features so that they could effectively troubleshoot bugs with clients.
• Reviewed weekly targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor the development of each client’s chatbot design and usage, resulting in a 35% increase in client retention.
• Assisted clients with product support or issues, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Representative

  •  Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center Maastricht NV
  •  Apr 2021 - Jul 2022

· Provided exceptional customer support in resolving vehicle breakdowns in multiple locations including (but not limited to) the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Malta, by coordinating with international global assistance services, fleet companies, dealers, roadside technicians, and recovery companies.
· Developed a comprehensive understanding of the automotive industry and its various stakeholders to effectively navigate and coordinate breakdown assistance services.
· Assessed and selected the most appropriate course of action for customer roadway incidents.
· Maintained a high level of professionalism and customer satisfaction by delivering timely and accurate information to all parties involved.
· Managed and facilitated roadside services in both urgent and non-urgent situations when as required.
· Gathered relevant information from the customers’ cars using CCD, EVA, and Citrix in order to assist customers in their vehicular problems.
· Demonstrated empathic and effective communication abilities and problem-solving skills when assisting customers during vehicle breakdowns, ensuring their comfort, and minimizing stress.
· Evaluated, diagnosed, reviewed, and resolved the needs of customers via phone and email with professionalism and urgency.
· Escalated matters that require senior management in a timely manner to line management.
· Complete daily administrative and training duties.
· Effectively conveyed customer complaints to service centre employees, dealer provider network, and relevant parties to facilitate the development of optimal solutions for customer satisfaction.
· Documented vehicular incidents and customer complaints into the CRM/Vehicle Support Systems.

Credit Controller

  •  Capita
  •  Aug 2020 - Mar 2021

· Proactively contacted clients with outstanding debts, effectively conveying the amount owed, and skilfully negotiating settlements and payment arrangements through both phone and email communication channels.
· Maintained communications with customers ensuring that the client had a clear understanding of their debts and payments details, and timely balance payments.
· Maintained an organised and comprehensive log of all client interactions, including communication attempts, accommodations provided, and solutions discussed.
· Communicated with customers on queries via phone and email.
· Performed administrative tasks including debt removal for deceased clients, updating client records upon payment receipt, monitoring debt balances of clients, generating invoices, formulating remittances, and creating statement of accounts.
· Ensured compliance with GDPR regulations by maintaining strict adherence to data protection rules while handling sensitive client information.
· Organised legal proceedings, such as a foreclosure or repossession, to effectively resolve outstanding debts.
· Developed and implemented effective procedures and policies to optimise payment processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

Gate Coordinator, Check in Agent and Boarder

  •  Menzies Aviation
  •  Sep 2018 - Aug 2020

· Responsible for verifying and documenting the accurate loading of luggage and cargo onto aircrafts, ensuring adherence to airline protocols and procedures.
· Demonstrated exceptional customer service skills by promptly addressing customer inquiries and fulfilling requests related to passenger seating, meal preferences, and luggage accommodations.
· Executed customer onboarding procedures, encompassing the verification of passenger information, security clearances, visas, and tickets, as well as the meticulous weighing and inspection of luggage, and the issuance of boarding passes.
· Effectively communicated gate numbers, flight numbers, and updates to passengers and ensured passengers were well-informed and updated about any changes that occurred.
· Conducted comprehensive training sessions for new employees, equipping them with the necessary skills to proficiently navigate Airline computer databases, operate PA systems, and adhere to pertinent Aviation law.
· Developed and delivered training modules on identifying and addressing suspicious behaviour and goods, enhancing the organization's security measures.
· Collaborated with various departments, such as engineering, maintenance, luggage, and the flight deck, to ensure the timely and safe departure of aircraft from Dublin Airport.
· Worked jointly with flight deck, operations, and luggage loaders to ensure proper aircraft balance and weight distribution.
· Maintained comprehensive records of all flight communications, documenting any encountered issues and corresponding solutions to ensure the operations team remains informed and updated.

Aviation Security

  •  Apr 2018 - Aug 2018

· Implemented and maintained rigorous safety protocols to ensure the well-being and security of the aircraft while on the ground.
· Diligently perform pre-boarding inspections to identify and mitigate potential hazards that may jeopardise the safety of crew members and passengers.
· Facilitated the safe and efficient return of passengers to TSA, ensuring compliance with necessary checks and security measures.
· Monitored access points to restricted zones.
· Promptly reported all serious incidents and diligently maintained accurate records of such incidents.
· Provided immediate responses to all calls for assistance from the crew of all aircrafts.
· Demonstrated strict adherence to regulations and relevant Aviation Security legislation, including the Aviation Crimes Act, ICAO Annexe 17, and the Civil Aviation Action.
· Remained up to date with local instruction and policies and maintained a good knowledge of contingency plans, relevant laws, and practices.

Assistant Manager

  •  Starbucks
  •  Nov 2017 - Apr 2018

· Managed a team of 10 baristas, overseeing their preparation of high-quality food and beverages in a timely manner, while upholding strict health, safety, and sanitation standards for all products.
· Managed, addressed, and provided solutions for customer complaints.
· Documented customer complaints and resolutions to establish a comprehensive database which aided in identifying areas of improvement within the store.
· Ensured all facilities were prepared, stocked, and continuously maintained the highest standard of cleanliness.
· Coordinated and managed schedules for opening and closing procedures.
· Conducted comprehensive training sessions for new employees, instructing them on coffee machine operations, adherence to Starbucks' quality standards for drink preparation, proper sanitation protocols, and safe handling of hot equipment to mitigate potential safety risks.
· Provided performance reviews for baristas to assess areas of improvement, encourage professional development, and further their career within Starbucks.
· Assisted in the resolution of employee issues and disputes that arise in the workplace.
· Assisted in recruitment process by arranging and conducting interviews with potential new hires.
· Accountable for managing significant cash transactions and promptly documenting any discrepancies in funds during shift transitions.


  •  Mizzoni Pizza and Pasta
  •  Jun 2016 - Aug 2017

• Managed a team of 12 team members ensuring exceptional customer service and the timely delivery of high-quality food products.
• Implemented strategies to maintain consistent standards of excellence in food preparation and service
• Provided leadership and guidance to team members, fostering a positive work environment and promoting teamwork.
• Conducted comprehensive training sessions for entire team, ensuring adherence to safety protocols outlined in the manual to mitigate workplace injuries.
• Conducted performance evaluations and provided individualised coaching to team members to enhance their skill development and address any areas of improvement.
• Developed a strategy to hit all sales goals.
• Diligently recorded all incidents that occurred during shifts, including instances such as finding foreign objects in food, delivering cold food, or suspected cases of food poisoning.
• Consistently and effectively addressed and managed any disciplinary interventions.
• Facilitated and executed interviews with culinary professionals, including cooks and café assistants, to assess their qualifications and suitability for the team and company.
• Communicated the latest offers and company updates to the team.
• Created shift plans to ensure timely opening and closing of operations.
• Ordered stock for both the cooks and front of house team, ensuring the availability of necessary products.
• Trained new hires for front of house and pizza making roles using a cross-training approach to equip staff with versatile skills, enabling them to provide support during staffing shortages.

Crew Member

  •  Mc Donalds
  •  May 2014 - Jun 2016

• Provided prompt, accurate, and complete service with a smile to a high volume of customers on a daily basis.
• Managed significant cash transactions, accurately calculating turnover at multiple intervals throughout shifts, and maintaining appropriate cash floats.
• Implemented and maintained high standards of cleanliness and safety for customers and colleagues.
• Demonstrated strict adherence to workplace safety, security, and food hygiene protocols such as ensuring hands are washed every 15 minutes.
• Conducted comprehensive training sessions for newly hired employees on various computer databases.

Veterinary Assistant

  •  Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital
  •  Sep 2012 - May 2013

• Maintained a clean and safe environment for staff and animals and used the correct chemicals to ensure all tools used were sterilised between, during and after surgeries.
• Provided support for the animal and the owner while closely monitored medical procedures.
• Effectively restrained and comforted animals during medical procedures.
• Monitored and identified any unusual animal behaviour or health conditions, promptly reporting findings to veterinary professionals.
• Provided support and assistance in emergency situations.
• Provided administrative support for both new and existing patients.


Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General

  •  Technological University of the Shannon, Athlone Campus
  •  Aug 2018 - May 2021